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Spoilers — 26th October 2016


Malaika is exposed and runs away from marriage. Raj asks Tanuja to sit as the bride and wants Rishi to get his happiness. Tanuja is worried for everyone’s reaction. Tanuja falls down and her ghunghat gets pulled. Raj stops everyone from seeing Tanuja, and saves her. Rishi and Tanuja sit in mandap. Rishi sees Tanuja’s face when he fills sindoor and gets a big shock. Rishi and his family does not know how to react seeing Tanuja, while she gets tensed.


Raman and Ishita’s ghatbandhan is done by Ruhi yet another time. Raman and Ishita take the marriage vows in south Indian style. Everyone is happy. Adi takes the video so that he can show Aaliya’s Dadi. Shagun comes there along with Pihu. Raman’s mood spoils. He removes the ghatbandhan and leaves from the mandap. Ishita cries and its strange moment because of Pihu. Shagun created the drama using Pihu. Raman and Ishita’s marriage completed. Raman will convince Pihu with Ishita’s support.

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