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Spoilers — 15th October 2016


Salman Khan will be encouraging Harman to find Soumya. Harman tells his problem to Salman, that his wife Soumya is lost. Salman gives tips to Harman, and tells him that even if Soumya is too far, she will hear his love voice and come back to him. Harman has hope that he will find Soumya before Navratri. Harman was worried, but Salman’s support means a lot to him.


Rani has kept Karwachauth fast for Raja. She goes with the ladies at the well place to see the moon reflection and do the puja. Lavi comes there to break her fast and everyone get shocked. Rani has kept fast even after breaking relations with Raja. Raja’s mum blesses Rani. Rani ended all relations and have come to keep Raja’s mum’s heart, she does not want the house matter to be known to everyone. Raja’s mum gets shocked seeing Lavi.

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