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Source : Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 15

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The brides reach Ayodhya. The mothers get happy to see the beautiful brides. The welcome showered on them. Shrutakirti feels nervousness moving closer to Shatrughn, her hand faintly touching his. She could feel the warmth of his body.
Kaushalya say – welcome home Putra Ram and Sita may god bless you with all happiness.
Kaikeyi says – Bharat, god bless you, Mandavi, Bharat’s wife as cold as Bharat.
Sumitra say – Urmila, Lakshman’s wife just fierce like Lakshman.
Shrutakirti – Shatrughn both childish.
They welcomed all. All rituals done. Shanta says – Urmila, Lakshman fell for you it’s nothing strange, your beauty is so attractive that anyone can cast an evil eye on you, she does a tika.
Bharat says – didi, Mandavi was saying that you are the most beautiful. She shies. Shanta says – yes, I am sister of four handsome brothers.
Shatrughn says – but now which side you are?
Shanta say – with my sister
Lakshman says – it’s not fair
Now pairs went to their chambers.
Lakshman took his wife in his arms. She hugged him, her fingers moving on his broad back.
He says – I want you like this.
They say – I love you.
Mandavi was resting on her husband’s shoulder., he is gazing at him, they rest on each other listening to their heartbeats.
Precap – The brothers that they will have one wife.


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