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Soumya gets hurt as her past relationship catches up

Anika goes to inform Shivay and waves to him. Shivay does not see her. Anika signs to Omkara. She messages Shivay that the guy cheats girls, don’t let Priyanka meet this guy. Shivay does not check his phone. Dadi calls for Priyanka. She asks Anika about Priyanka. Priyanka is worried and waits for Shivay’s reaction. Anika goes to Shivay and takes him to tell the matter. Soumya asks Priyanka to trust her, the guy is really a creep.


Priyanka finds the guy cute and was liking him. She gets sad. Soumya gets mistaken about the guy. Priyanka’s proposal was happening with Dev, while Soumya’s ex boyfriend was Riyaan. Soumya gets shocked by the confusion and thinks to stop Anika before she tells Shivay about Dev. Shivay asks Anika what is it. Anika asks him to check phone. She tells Shivay that Soumya told her truth, she is worried. Soumya and Priyanka look on and worry. Soumya’s past catches up seeing Riyaan and she gets hurt.

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