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SOCHA NA THA!! (Epi 1+2)

Thanks for ur positive responses in the intro.. Aqsaah, nithu, sri, subha, shreya, feba, and all others, I’m overwhelmed by ur comments.. Sorry I couldn’t reply there.. And thanks for ur wishes too.. Its needed to do well in exams..

Coming to the ff, this epi is 1+2 coz its too lengthy.. Hope u will like it..
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SOCHA NA THA (Epi 1+2)


Early morning….
As the sun’s rays fell over my face, I rubbed my eyes and woke up..
“Oh no!! Do I wake up every morning just to face the harsh realities of my life?? To feel more and more guilty with each passing day??” I asked myself..
It was 22nd Feb.. That dreadful day which changed my life six years ago.. I recalled a series of incidents, the memories of which were still fresh in my subconscious mind..
I thought for a while about something and left the bed to get ready..

As I went down the stairs, I smiled seeing golu.. But my smile disappeared when I heard dadi, maa, gauri, bhawana and sharad talking..
Pratima- I can’t see yuvraj like this.. We should do something for him.. So that he can move ahead in life..
Dadi- but what do u want to do?
Bhawna– dadi, I feel he needs somebody who can fill so much of love in his heart that…….
Sharad interrupted- I think shez right.. Since the day the girl he loved the most left him, he forgot to live.. Even today hez not ready to tell us her name..

O God.. Again the same topic.. I hated it.. Nobody in the world had even the slightest hint about the deep secrets I had buried inside my heart in Lucknow 6 years ago!!

I was about to leave for office when maa called me and asked me to have my breakfast.. I joined them but didn’t utter a word.. I had a bread and juice and left..

I was working in my cabin when Samir (Aamir Ali), the CEO of our company came to my cabin.. He had been working with us since the last 4 years.. He considered me as his mentor and elder bro as well.. Even to me, he was no less than sharad.. Due to his dedication, he achieved the post of CEO a year ago..

S- bhaiya..
I- ya samir.. Come..
S- bhaiya, some new clients have contacted us for a new contract.. They will be coming to Lucknow from Australia tomorrow.. I would suggest u to leave today itself..

Once again, the same day was to be spent in the same Lucknow.. God knew what destiny had in store for me!!

I asked- whoz this new client?
S- Mrs. Mehta.. A big industrialist…
I- ok.. U give me her number, I will talk to her..

Samir nodded.. I turned off my laptop and he packed it in the bag for me, as it was not something to be done single-handed!!
Its not that I couldn’t do it on my own.. Since the last six years, I have been doing things with my right hand only, after my left hand got paralysed!!

I handed over the responsibilities to him and left for home to pack my bag..


In the evening:
As the plane landed at Lucknow airport and I got out, some strange feelings filled my heart.. I looked around.. I felt as if she was there.. I could feel her in every breathe..

I walked out of the airport and took a taxi.. Just then, samir called me and told me that Mrs. Mehta had already booked a room for herself in Hotel Tulip Star, so he had booked a room there for me too.. I thanked him and asked the driver to take me there..

On the way to hotel, I saw a big poster of 50% discount in a mall.. I smiled seeing it and took out a jacket from my bag..

A girl wearing a top, long skirt and a scarf is holding yuv’s hand and walking inside the same mall..
Yuv- suhani.. Stop once..
They stop.. She turns around.. Its none other than our Suhani..
Su- no yuv.. If we stand and talk here, all the discounted items will be sold..
Yuv puts his hand on his forehead and she drags him to look for something.. She gets attracted by a royal blue jacket..
She takes it and asks him to try.. He hesitates but then he agrees.. She helps him to put it on..
He thanks her..
Su- wow yuv.. Its made for u..
She smiles and he looks at her..
She stops smiling when she sees a poster, “buy one kulfi, get one free”
She takes him there and asks for two..
Yuv- suhani.. Plz stop it once..
Su- yuv.. U know na I love kulfi..
Yuv- bhaiya, give one..
Su- but…….
Yuv interrupts and asks her to keep quiet..
Su- really.. U’r sadu.. Very rude..
She looks away..
Then she looks at him and finds him kneeling down with a kulfi..
Su- yuvraj..
Yuv- look around suhani.. Inspite of getting one kulfi free, couples are sharing one..
Su looks around and smiles seeing them.. Then she looks at him..
He takes a bite from the kulfi and says forwarding it to her- would u like to be the one to share it with me?
Su smiles with teary eyes and looks around..
Yuv- yes suhani.. I love u.. Will u marry me?
She nods and takes the kulfi..
Yuv- have it before it melts..
Su- I wish I could have it with me for the rest of my life.. This is the most special kulfi of my life..
She hugs him and says- I love u too yuvraj..
People clap after a few secs and they break the hug..
They walk out of the mall smiling and finish the kulfi together..


I came back to reality and realised she was no more.. I wished for a chance to fall on her feet and apologise to her for whatever I had done with her..

I reached the hotel and took the keys of the room from the receptionist.. As I turned around, I collided with a stranger (Hiten Tejwani)..
We apologised together..
As he saw me, he kept staring at me as if he was seeing a dead man alive..
He pointed his finger at me and said- u…..??
I forwarded my hand and said- hi.. I’m yuvraj birla.. Sorry but I didn’t recognize u..
He said shaking hand with me- hi.. I’m Sourav Oberoi..
He still seemed shocked..
I asked him- r u ok?
He didn’t reply..

I couldnt understand what was happening..
I was taken aback by what I saw next!!
A smart girl came walking towards us..
She was none other than Suhani Shrivastav.. Bhawana’s shalu.. Whom we considered dead six years ago!!
I doubted.. The suhani I knew was totally the opposite of the person standing in front of me.. Even she looked at me the same way as Sourav, as if we she was trying to identify me..
S- meet my fiancee, Kajal..

Suhani didn’t recognize me..
I said- suhani…..??
She nervously said- sourav, howz this possible?
Sourav asked her to calm down..
I was about to say something when my phone rang.. It was samir’s call.. I excused myself..

Samir told me that Mrs. Mehta would be coming after two days as her flight had been cancelled.. He even asked me if I would leave for Allahabad, but I refused and hung up.. I wanted to know what was going on..

Sourav and Suhani….. Oops…. Kajal.. They weren’t there.. I asked at the reception about their room nos. But he refused to tell me.. I went towards my room..

As I inserted the key into the key-hole, I heard some arguments from the room opposite to mine..
I thought to ignore, but couldn’t when I heard the man calling the lady Kajal..
I turned to see and found the door a lil open.. I peeped in..
S- listen to me.. Its just a coincidence..
K- no sourav.. When I saw him, y did I feel that I know him? I’m sure yuvraj birla knows a lot about me.. And that painting……
Sourav grabbed her arms and said- its too late now, u sleep.. We will talk about it in the morning..
Kajal nodded and sourav kissed on her forehead.. They wished each other gn.. Sourav walked to leave for his room so I hid behind a pillar..
After he went to his room which was just beside hers, I went to my room..

I just changed and sat down on the sofa.. I recalled seeing suhani after years, in a designer umbrella kurti and leggings, with makeup and appropriate jewellery.. I closed my eyes and recalled the simple and easy-going suhani I knew..

A waiter came with a cup of coffee and left.. As I picked it up, there was another knock..
“Ufff.. Whoz there now?” I said to myself..
I opened the door and was surprised to see Kajal there.. She was in her nightgown.. We kept staring at each other..
K- can I come in?
I- ya sure..

She entered and I followed her..
I asked her to sit..
She sat down and we had an eye-contact..
I offered her coffee but she refused..
She seemed thoughtful..
I asked- is everything alright?
K- who r u? Who m I? Y do I feel that we know each other? That we have some connection?

I stood like a statue.. She was happy with sourav, I didn’t want to ruin her life again!!
I replied- I don’t know u..
She said angrily- oh really?
She held my hand and dragged me to her room..

She took out a few paintings from a bag and threw them on the bed..I was taken aback when I saw that in one of them, my face was painted!!
I took it and looked at it properly..
She asked me- u tell me, how could I paint it when we haven’t met each other before?
I left from there.. She called out my name but I didn’t stop..
I stepped out of the room.. She forcefully turned me around and made me to face her..
Then she grabbed my collar and said- u can’t run away like this.. Answer my question..

She looked into my eyes.. She was into tears.. I closed my eyes.. She tightened her fist and started beating me on my chest.. I felt a tear flowing from my right eye.. I looked upwards.. She kept crying and then placed her face against my chest..

After a minute, we moved a lil apart when sourav came out of his room.. Sourav asked suhani to go back to her room.. She looked at him, then at me, and left..
Sourav looked at me angrily and fumed..
I said- sourav she was…..
He left and went to suhani’s room..
I stood there.. And I could hear them arguing.. I stood still.. After 5 mins, sourav came out, stared at me and went to his room.. I thought I should talk to suhani.. But it was already too late.. So I went to my room..

Sourav messages someone- congrats.. Yuvraj Birla and Kajal met today..
After two mins, his phone beeps..
He reads the message- this is just the beginning.. Our mission is too far..
He smirks.. The screen freezes on his face..

Next epi will be posted in the last week of Nov, after my exams..

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