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Sky is not the limit devakshi ff (episode 5)

Heyyy i am back….. Luv u all to love me and my ff. I will give long episodes from today as promised. Silent readers plz do comment…… Lets start.
Sona and dev are sleeping and suddenly sona gets some flashes of a small girl running and a woman running behind her saying “eat the food beta..” Lityle girl runs and hugs a man. The man says “my princess should have lot of stamina to torture her dad and mom. Eat beta…” Then the little girl agrees. Woman feeds her food and they three laugh. Suddenly the scene shifts to a car where the three are sitting. Break fails and the car hits the tree. Little girl is crying and the couple are unconsious.
Sona suddenly gets up and start panicking. Dev also gets up and is concerned.
Dev : what happened???

Sona doesnt talk anything. She hugs him very tightly and started crying. Dev is confused but reciprocates the hug. He gives her a glass of water. She hugs him again and falls asleep. Dev caresees her face and make her sleep on the pillow but sona holds his hand and mumbles asking him not to go. Dev sits by her side and falls asleep.
In the morning
Dev brings breakfast
Dev : oyy khargosh….. Get up and have your breakfast.
Sona looks towards the window
Dev : what happened?


Sona : from which direction did sun rise today?
Dev : why?
Sona : miracle….. Mr. Khadoos dixit is serving breakfast….. I have to remember this day……
Dev : i made it coz you were not feeling well yesteeday night. What happened? Did you see any bad dream?
Sona : yaa. I dont remember anything but food….. Accident….. Tree….. Couple….. Uhhhh..
Dev : its ok…. Dont stress yourself.
Dev applies butter on bread and gives to sona. Sona folds her hands and opens her mouth.

Sona : aaaaaa
Dev : you are mad…..
Sona : same 2 u back 2 u no return mirror in the middle
Dev laughs and feeds her. They talk laugh enjoy and leave to work.
In dev’s car
Dev is thinking something
Fb starts

Dev : i am marrying that mad girl for your sake.
Ishwari : i said u she is cardiologist not mad. I want you to understand her support her love her give me my grand children and i will dance in my grandson’s baraat. I will not go to god till i lift my great grand child and play with him…..
Dev : Maa….. This is tooo much. I dont want to marry now.
Ishwari : i dont care weather it is too much three much ten much hundred much or whatever. If you don’t marry then…..
Dev : ok ……. Don’t emotionally blackmail me.
Ishwari smiles. She thinks “dev… I am sorry to force you but i don’t have other option hope you forgive me….. ”
Fb ends.

Dev goes to his cabin. He continues his work. Tina knocks the door.
Dev : come in….
Tina : sir…. Miss. Elena bose has some points to discuss with you. She wants you to meet her business partner Mr. Kushal Roy.
Dev : ok. Fix an appointment.
Tina : sir…. I think you should invite them to a dinner coz they are going to become life partners.

Dev : hmm nice idea.
Tina : shall i book a table in a famous restaurant??
Dev : no. It will be quite embarrassing if i go alone. Ask them to come for dinner in my home. Sona also will feel good….
Tina : brilliant idea sir…..
In Sona’s cabin
Sona is in thaughts.
Fb starts.
The biggest day of her life. Her marriage
Sona sits on her chair and is nervous.
Link of her dress

12 Bridal Lehenga Designs to make heads turn

She goes to the mandap accompanied by juhi and some cousins.
She sits beside dev. They look at each other.
Link of dev’s dress

Sona takes the garland and tries to putbit around dev’s neck but fails as his cousins lift him. Sona is also lifted by her brothers. She successfully dorns garland around him and vice versa.
Panditji starts chanting the mantras. Jay and juhi do the kanyadaan.
Neha ties the ghatbandhan and they go around the fire completing the seven rounds. Dev fills sona’s maang with sindoor and dorns. Mangalsootr around her neck. They are married.
Sona recalls her bidaai and grihpravesh and smiles…..

She gets dev’s call
Dev : today i am going to crack a deal with Mr. And to be Mrs. Roy. They are coming to have dinner in our home tonight. I want you to be there. I am sending a saree for you to wear. Plz dont disappoint me. Ask kicchu to clean rhe house and decirate it.
Sona : thats great…. I will prepare food for them and i will wear saree sent by you.
Dev : ok. Take care…. Bye.
Sona’s employee enters with a gift box and says Mr. Dixit sent this courier. Sona is excited and opens it. She finds a beautiful saree in it.
She is very happy and goes to home.
Sona :kicchu bhaiyya first clean the house decorate it beautifully with aroma candles and fresh flowers. Guests are coming today.
Kicchu : sure didi.
Sina prepares different dishes and decorated the dining table. She wears the derss given by dev. Dev comes and is mesmerised to see sona.
Dev : looking good….
Sona : thanks.

She turns to go but falls and dev holds her. They are lost in each other’s eyes.
Sona : dev……
Dev : hmm…..
Sona : devvvv……
Dev : hmmmm……
He realises and stands prooerly. He avoids eue contact with her and goes to fresh up himselg. Sona is blushing hardly
After some time elena comes with kushal. Sona feels strange and so does elena.

Precap : based upon your response…..

Uffffffff i am tired…… I wrote this episode already but it got deleted. Had to write it again. Do comment chappals tomatoes ? accepted but no eggs coz i am a vegetarian. Taaa taaaaa byeeee byeeee

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