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Happy durga puja to all and happy navaratri to all of u guys………….. enjoy with ur full heart…………. Here goes the nxt part of my ff……………


The episode starts with ram closing sita’s eyes. He slowly opens the door of their room and hols siya carefully so that she doesn’t fall. Ram and siya enter the room………

Ram- sitae, this your gift from your raghunandan.

Ram removes his hand and sita slowly opens her eyes……..

Sita- pitaji, mata …………!!!!!!!!!!!! you all are in ayodhya !!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe my eyes………….

Sita hugs them and tears roll down her cheeks………

Ram- did you like my gift dear ?????

Sita- raghunandan, I had never received such a wonderful gift. I do not know how to thank u.

Ram smiles…….

Janak- sita, my daughter, a very very happy birthday to u . may god bless u and always keep u this much happy.

Sunaina- yeah, and I pray that every family gets a lovely daughter like u. happy birthday my daughter.

Actually in front of siam the full mithila family as well as the ayodhya family was present…

Mandvi- didi u just have a look at this entire room. Isn’t it looking like our mithila’s room ????

Sita- absolutely mandvi. its vry beautiful.

All the 5 mothers come forward to sita………

Kaushalya- daughter, we all have cooked this sweets for u.

Sumitra- yeah didi told correct. This ur gift from your 5 mothers.

All the mothers made her eat the sweets and also to the other sisters.

Shrutkirti- didi, do u like to come to the garden with us ????

Sita- of course. But what is the reason ???

Urmila- u will understand it only if u come with us.

Sita- wait urmila. I have a work to complete.

Siya joins her hands, closes her eyes and prays.

Sita- pitaji (swargiya maharaj dashrath), today u are not with us but we all know that u are in our heart. Today is my birthday. I am praying to u. May your soul rest in peace. Keep us blessing always.

she takes the permission from the elders and leaves with the sisters to the garden.

when she reaches the garden, flowers & leaves are showered upon her. she becomes happy but wonders that how did this happen ?????????????????

urmila (angrily in her mind)- cannot do anything correctly. O god pls tell me that what else does my husband know except war ???

bharat, lakshman and shatrughna come wishing sita and with a basket full of flowers.

sita- ooooo. So u all were doing this. Thank u so much.

Lakshman- correct bhabi.

bharat- this your gift from our side.

shatrughna- did u like this bhabi ????

sita- I liked vry much.

All of them smile.

They all leave eventually.

Urmila holding lakshman’s hand- u come with me in our room.

lakshman (in his mind)- god knows that what this raakshasi is going to tell me now. I think today she is going to send me in heaven.

Precap- its night. everyone goes to sleep. urmila shouts on lakshman. siam is shown sharing a hug.

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