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siya ram ka pyaari kahani (episode 7)

LOCATION:mata gargi’s ashram

urmi:this s mata gargi’s ashram..she s d guru for all of us..we gained our knowledge here only


some children were playing there with mud..suddenly a girl comes to sita
girl:sita di sita di come with me
sita:but where
girl:di we tried to make a doll using mud but the moulding was not stable so u come& help us plzzz
sita:kk but..[ the girls drags sita along with her]sita:mandavi u pls show them all d places of d ashram i’ll come n few mins
davi:kk di
ram smiles…They went to mata gargi &seek their blessings
davi:mata they are ayodhya king dhasharat’s sons
ram:pranam mata im kaushalya nandan ram
bhar:im kaikeyi nandan bharat
lak:im sumitra kumar lakshman
shat:im dusre sumitra nandan shatrugan
gargi:pranam..im happy to meet u all putriyo[n] where s sita??
keerthi:mata some children took her along with them
urmi:u dont worry she will come n few mins
gargi:if i did not see her a day my day will be useless
lak:mata i hav a doubt y all mithila vassiyon love her a lot,they treat her lik their own child
gargi;its her speciality..she likes to ask many questions for her each qs we should search ans..her patience, respect,love for all d living beings will be same..u know one thing n her childhood she made many veer gatha which became a shock & surprise to all ,mithila people
ram:its true mata her behaviour represents her name
gargi:ha putra she s d land’s gift,aftr her birth mithila itself got rebirth,u all know about d shiv dhanush na
r,b,l&s:ss mata
gargi:for carrying that we need more than 30 persons..sita took up d dhanush with her small finger when she was just 1 month old
u,d&k;what mata sita di took up that dhanush ah??
gargi:ss putiyo[n] she questioned maharishi gautam when he cursed his wife ahalya..once other region people came for war against mithila sita weared war clothes & accompanied kushadwaj but after janak consoled her she din go..janak ki pyaari rajkumari hai sita
ram: a young girl have this much courage towards her bith place is unbelievable
urmi:ya its true when we are small once i was playing near d puja room that time a snake came to bite but sita di came infront me and saved me
keerthi:ya its true once we all went to see golden deer i fell down frm d mountain d deers are caming fast towards me but sita di came infront of me & saved me
gargi:ya so only she was called in various names lik sita,janak ki janaki,bhoomi mata ka bhoomija,videh hi vadehi and mithila ki maithili
ram & his brothers smiles surprisingly…………..suddenly sita enters
sita:what happen mata?/
they all turned…………………..

gargi:nothing sita i narrated d naughty incidents to them
sita:mata..she hugged her hw r u mata did u see ur mataji s she fine
garsi;s she s better now!!
sita;let’s leave pitaji said to come to palace within evening na..
ram nods…they all went to some other places and they return to palace

PRECAP:ram was going to leave…sita became unhappy…even all four prince & princess became sad

WILL THEY GO????????????

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