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Siya Ke Ram 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Pihu screaming after the hand burn. Adi comes and gets shocked. He pours water on the fire and blows it off. Dadi comes and asks how did this happen. She asks Adi to get first aid box. She asks Pihu not to cry and why did she touch gas. Shagun comes and hugs Pihu. She asks what happened. Adi says she was working in kitchen alone and her hand burnt. Shagun asks what, why did you let her go there. Pihu asks Shagun not to leave her alone. Adi does aid. Shagun says I promise, I won’t leave you and kisses her. Adi says I knew Pihu is brave. Dadi looks on.


Aaliya shows the clothes for everyone. Simmi asks why did she get all this. Aaliya says I did not pay for this, Vandu paid for all gifts. Mihika says what was the need. Aaliya shows saree for Ishita. Ishita asks Mihika

to keep it. Mihika says no, you have it. Aaliya asks Raman will this suit Ishita. Raman says its perfect for Ishita. Ishita asks no sarcastic remark. Raman jokes on her. Aaliya says sorry, I thought to buy something for you. Raman says no need, I m not coming in puja. Ishita says Vandu and Bala will feel bad. He signs her about Aaliya. She asks what. Aaliya says I think Raman uncle is saying about Appa, don’t worry, Appa can’t come, he has meeting, Vandu wants you to sit in puja as other married couples. Raman agrees and takes the gift. Ishita and Aaliya talk in Tamil and laugh. Raman says these Madrasis….

Adi talks to Aaliya and says no, I will talk to Mani,, I can’t lie to convince Mani, I will think of something. Mani asks Pihu what happened to her hand. Shagun says its my fault, how can I be so careless, I have to organize my day better. Dadi says its good Adi came, Shagun you need to give all time, you are careless Shagun, and Pihu does not listen to elders, I told her I m just coming, see what happened now. Shagun says yes, Pihu should agree to Dadi, I went for shopping for Pihu as its puja tomorrow. Pihu likes the dress. Adi looks on. Adi says wow, pretty dress Pihu. He says Mani uncle, I got something for you. Mani asks for me? Adi gifts him clothes. Dadi says how sweet Adi, see Mani, Adi cares a lot, you wear this in puja. Mani says thanks Adi, I don’t want any issue in puja as Raman will be coming. Adi says no, Raman won’t come, he has meetings. Shagun asks Mani to come. Adi says Vandu and Bala will be glad. Mani says fine, I will see. Shagun insists. Mani agrees.

Dadi asks Adi what will you wear tomorrow. Adi says I got the traditional clothes for myself also. He asks Mani to try. Pihu asks shall I try. Dadi says I will make Pihu ready. Shagun asks Pihu to go. Shagun asks Adi not to tell Raman and Ishita about Pihu’s wound, it will be big issue. Adi goes.

Shagun says I can’t be sure about Adi, he always supports Ishita, don’t know will he say or not, but they should not wait. Raman gets dressed in Punjabi kurta pyjama and comes. He smiles seeing Ishita. She asks do I look good. Raman says we will make it better. He says one thing is missing and makes her wear Gajras. He compliments her. She says you have become expert. He asks did I have any work in 7 years. She asks whom did you fix this. He says you did not change, same attitude. She laughs and says its all same till now. Ruhi comes and they get away. Ruhi says sorry, I did not see anyone. Raman says come, we are not wrestling. He asks Ishita to apply black dot to Ruhi. They compliment Ruhi. Aaliya comes. Raman says our girls look good in full clothes. They smile.

Mani gets ready and asks Adi to come. Adi is unable to tie Dhoti. Dadi asks is everyone ready. Mani asks her to wait, they will just come. Mani says you like to buy, but does not know to tie. Adi asks him to help. Mani says fine, make this a knot, rotate and tie it. He helps Adi.

Adi tucks the clothes. Mani says we are waiting out, come soon. Adi rushes. Dadi compliments Pihu and says you look cute. Shagun and Pihu smile. Dadi says one thing is missing and fixes Gajra. She says now you look like a south Indian. Dadi compliments Adi and says today I m going to tell everyone that I m ready for your and Aaliya’s marriage, and everyone else has to get ready. Adi smiles. Dadi applies Vibhuti to him. Adi takes her blessings. Adi asks will Mani agree. Dadi says yes, he has no reason to refuse, Aaliya should not know this, it’s a surprise. Mani asks them to come.

Bala gets call and tells location. Vandu says Amma is asking for rice for puja. Bala says I will get it, pandit did not come. Vandu asks him is he fine. He says yes, actually I m feeling nervous by this new project, what’s your gut feeling, will everything go on well. She asks him not to think negative, its puja, I m sure, things will be good. He goes.

Vandu welcomes everyone. Vandu says Adi looks perfect Tamilian boy, are you looking for Aaliya, she has come. Ishita and family come. Vandu hugs Ishita. Adi smiles seeing Aaliya, Ishita says Mihika’s friend had emergency, Romi and Mihika had to go there, they will join late, come. Adi and Aaliya smile. Vandu asks them to come for puja.

Mani and Raman look for Vandu. Mani says when will puja ceremony start, I think I have to delay my conference call. They both walk to Vandu and see each other. Adi and Aaliya get worried. Aaliya asks Raman to understand, Ishita has BP problem. Raman says nice to see you Mani. Mani says likewise. Raman and Mani disperse.

Dadi asks pandit to do rituals right. Bala’s mum looks on. Dadi says Bala should have got pandit from Chennai. Bala’s mum says I also say this, they don’t listen. Dadi says we can’t be lenient about our customs. Bala calls Vandu and says pandit ji can’t come, there is emergency in his home, his assistant does not know to do puja. She asks what will we do. He says we can’t sit like this, I will try to arrange another pandit. She says fine, come soon. She wishes everything gets fine. Shagun asks Pihu to cover up her hand wound. Pihu asks shall I go and play with my friends. Shagun says yes, but be careful. Pihu and Ananya talk and play. Ishita smiles and tells Aaliya that Ruhi looked same like Pihu in childhood, she is so adorable. Amma sees Pihu and goes to her. She keeps hands on her eyes. Pihu recognizes and talks to her. Shagun worries that Amma can see Pihu’s burn mark.

Dadi asks where is Bala. Vandu says he went to get pandit. Dadi says puja should happen in right mahurat, else it will be big abshagun. Adi and Aaliya say we will do puja and manage. Dadi asks how. Adi says we will get puja on internet, its not difficult, we will ask pandit’s assistant if we need. Bala’s mum asks what about traditions and rituals, are you pandit. Aaliya says intention and heart should be clean, we will do puja. Ishita says they are right, its auspicious. Dadi agrees. Vandu says I will call Bala. Ishita asks Adi and Aaliya to start puja. They smile.

Raman asks what are you thinking. Ishita says Adi and Aaliya love each other, they were hugging and crying, they are so good, we are bad parents, they are getting punished for our mistakes, whats their mistake..

The Episode starts with Sita talking to Ram. She says 12 years passed in raising Lav and Kush, I did not get time to think, but yes sometimes, they used to ask their father’s name. Ram cries and says I have taken away all your rights, but you had our two sons, I was alone in entire Ayodhya, I was with family in Rajbhavan, I had no one except your memories, I lost myself by losing you, I m culprit myself, don’t forgive me, let me burn in this fire of repentance, I just want to request you, come back with me to Ayodhya, Ayodhya and Rajbhavan are incomplete without you, my life is incomplete without you, come back and complete your Ram. Sita and Ram cry.

She wipes her tears and turns to him. She walks to him. He looks at her and folds hands. She shuts the door. Ram knocks door and calls out Sita. They both cry at either sides of the door. Samjho vyatha mere vyakul mann ki…..plays……. Ram says I deserve this insult. He leaves. Hanuman sees him and cries. Sita cries in the hut. Hanuman thinks to talk to Ram.

Ram goes towards the jungle. He cries. Kaushalya says we were away from life’s happiness by being away from you both. Lav says we have three Dadi and three Mausi. Lav and Kush see Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughan. Kush says if we knew you are our Kaka, we would have not fought with you, forgive us. Laxman says there is nothing to apologizes, its matter of pride and happiness for us to lose to you. Kaushalya says its late, why did Ram not return with Sita. Kaikeyi says its been many years we met Sita, maybe she is hesitant to come infront of us. Sumitra says we will go there and see, come. They leave.

Hanuman goes to Ram and asks him not to get sad of Sita’s words, its natural that she is annoyed, you are her husband and have full right on her, you tell her by that right, she will agree. Ram says I lost all my rights that moment when I abandoned Sita, my crime is such big Hanuman, that I can’t say anything to her, and today the punishment Sita gave me is right. Hanuman cries. Ram says this is the right punishment that I burn in separation and repentance fire all my life. Hanuman says don’t say this, your decision to take Sita to Ayodhya is also of Praja, they want to see Sita sitting on the Queen throne, you have to convince her to come back, Lav and Kush’s lives will also change, if Sita does not come, your sons will also bear this punishment along with you and Praja, Praja can’t get free of this guilt, if not for you, for your sons and Praja, you have to do something and convince Sita, else it will be a big stain n Raghukul’s success and glory.

Kaikeyi asks Sita what decision did she take, don’t do this disaster. Sita says forgive me, I had no option, I rejected Ram’s proposal as I can’t go back to Ayodhya now. They cry. Kaushalya says what happened with you was totally wrong, not just Ram, we Matas are also culprit for that injustice, because disaster happened in Ayodhya in our presence, Sita I know you have faced many troubles and pain in 12 years, and that’s why you have become so harsh, think of Lav and Kush, they got family after a long time, rethink on your decision, come back Ayodhya.

Sita says I always wanted Lav and Kush to get family and love, that’s why Lav and Kush returning to their Kul is right, but it won’t be possible for me to return. They get shocked and cry.

Kaikeyi says its natural for a person to do mistake, I did mistake to send Ram to vanvaas, Ram did life’s biggest mistake by abandoning you, but Sita you don’t repeat it, forgive Ram, Matas and Praja, else we can’t forgive ourselves. Sita says no, don’t say this, I m not angry and annoyed with anyone, what happened with me, I accepted it as my fate, but I have a request, you don’t force me to return to Ayodhya, else my life won’t have any option than Agyatvas/live somewhere alone where no one can find me. Matas cry and hug her. Sita goes out and cries. She sees Ram. Ram looks at her with hopeful eyes. Sita cries. Ram walks to her. She starts leaving. He holds her hand and stops her.

He says listen to me once, I accept your every decision, I know your inner soul is hurt by the sorrow I gave you, I can’t repent in this life, I have hurt your self esteem, I insulted your selfless pure love, I broke your trust. He holds her and says you have given sacrifices for me, I insulted your true dedication and belief. She gets away.

Ram cries and gets on his knees. He holds her hand and says I accept whatever punishment you give me, but don’t punish Praja, Mata, sisters and entire family, I came to take you with everyone’s wishes, if you don’t return, their lives will also lose hope, like mine. She cries.

Ram looks for Lav and Kush. Hanuman says I came to take you. Lav says we will go when Ram and Sita come to take us together. Ram says Lav and Kush are sitting on top of the mountain, come we will get them. Sita says you don’t need to go anywhere, I will get them.

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