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Sirphire (Ragsan/Raglak-SS) part 1

Hi guys!! Thanks for your comments. So here’s the next part…..

A girl is shown sitting on bed she is wearing red wedding dress. She is Ragini!

I can’t tell u how happy I am today Ragini said with a smile. I feel as if God has given me all the happiness in the world.

A boy in white sherwani is sitting next to ragini. He is sanskar.
I got a beautiful wife like u. I can’t express how happy I am sanskar said in excitement.
I’m so happy that now we r a couple ragini said while blushing..

Right. This is the biggest dream of my life as well. That we stay as husband and wife. My happiness knows no bound today I boy said with a innocent smile. He is none other than laksh.
Ragini looked at laksh and smiled.
Really? Tell me something what u can do for me?? Ragini asked with smirked
Beautiful,  I can get the stars for u sanskar said
Really? And? Ragini said
I can tear apart mountains and make flow out of it laksh said being overconfident

Ragini– hmm good. What else can u do??
Sweetheart  I can leave this world for u sanskar said while looking at ragini
Ragini smiled at his statement
Aur ragini asked
I’ll sacrifice myself for u wherever u want laksh said
Really? Tell me something ragini asked
For me can u sleep outside this room for tonight ragini asked and smirked
Nahi sanskar and laksh shouted at same time. And said
I can do anything for u but I can’t sleep outside this room.

Suddenly they saw that they both r sitting on either side of ragini
Ragini giggled
Laksh ke bacche, what r u doing over here? Sanskar asked
I took pheres with ragini laksh said
OH hello I’ve put the mungalsutra around her neck sanskar said with attitude.
Ragini was looking at then and giggling.
Hey I applied the sindoor on her forehead. Laksh said
I brought her home in doli sanskar said and this isn’t college where your nonsense will work
She is mine sanskar said with showing his right on ragini
Kya bakwaas kar rahe ho tum laksh asked being frustrated and said
“She is mine only mine” & if she can’t be mine… I’ll jump off the college rooftop.
Sanlak was boiling in anger while ragini was enjoying it.
Sanskar- (mimic laksh) I will jump from the college rooftop. As if u are doing something great.
My sweetheart only I can jump from the college rooftop for u sanskar said

Really? Very good. Very impressive ragini said while looking at both of them.
Do one thing. Both of u jump off the roof.
Laksh and sanskar looked at ragini and made face like what???
The one who survives will rule my heart ragini said

Scene shifts to roof where sanlak was standing:)
No one can stop us today. Today we r going to jump from here for the sake of love laksh said with confident while opening his arms.
But as soon as he saw down got scared.
We will prove that great lovers ate still alive sanskar said
Sanskar almost lost his baIance but controlled himself
Oh..Teri he said
Abbe oh sanskar ke bacche we aren’t going to be born for love. We r going to die today for love laksh said to encourage sanskar.
Oh, okay. Right right sanskar said to laksh
We r going to die and both of them jumped from roof.

OH Teri… sanlak said at same time and fell down from bed.
Hey, was it a dream laksh asked himself.
It was very beautiful dream sanskar said and blushes.

A girl is dancing in Park. She is wearing yellow anarkali, her hairs r open. She has a beautiful smile which can steal anyone’s heart. She is ragini.

Sanskar and laksh both are shown standing at roof of their houses.
(A song is playing in background)
Kadi chand banke oh khabwan vich aundi ae
(Sometimes she appears as the moon and come into my dreams (
Kadi lafaz banke oh baatain vich aundi ae
(Sometimes she becomes a part of my conversation)
Ragini is shown running in fields while her dupatta is flying in air.
Oh oh oh…….

Both sanskar and laksh seen driving their bikes. They came face to face and stopped their bikes.
Both of them were looking at each other with attitude. They gave look to each other and starts their bikes.

(A voice in bg introducing sanlak

Hi guys!!
Before we go ahead, let me explain the situation to u.
These two boys r loafers, notorious and obnoxious students of the college. The one with cap is sanskar (imagine sanskar wearing cap) and one without cap is laksh.
I guess their attitude makes it cle as r that they r enemies. Their hatred for each other increases when a girl comes between them.
Ragini joined college just few days ago and they both have already started dreaming of their wedding with her.
Now we have to see what happens to their dreams.)

Precap—entry on ragini and some moments between ragsan and raglak.
Hope u guys enjoyed it. I hope it wasn’t boring. Please do comments…

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