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Shraman OS: His Voice (Part 3)

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for all your comments, it really encourages me a lot. So lets start the episode,
Shravan reaches Dixit Mansion, he enters,
A large hall is shown, it had two sofas in the middle. The mansion was very beautiful. As he entered, he was stopped by a lady.
Sharvari: yes, may I know who are you? And why are you here?
Shravan: I am Shravan Malhotra. Actually I had some work with you rather important work.
Sharvari: oh.. the famous lawyer Shravan Malhotra! Come please have a seat.
Shraman: thanks.. are you Mrs. Sharvari Dixit?
Sharvari: yes yes… what happened?
Shravan: actually.. I wanted to know about one of your employees in your call centre..
Sharvari: the girl in call centre??
Shravan: yes.. her name is Suman Tiwari!
Sharvari: ohh.. suman! She is a very silent girl, she is always in fear of something! I don’t know why but I feel very bad for her. But how do you know her?
This was enough for Shravan1 his eyes were filled up with tears, but he controlled them.
Shravan: actually she was in my college. I want to meet her. Its very important. Can you take me to your call centre please?
Sharvari; yes but I have one condition.
Shravan was confused: what condition?
Sharvari: you will have to become my company’s legal advisor saying so she smiles.
Shravan: yes why not! But please take me to her.
Sharvari:ok lets go, I think you are very desperate to meet her!
They both leave for the call centre! Some time later they reach. Sharvari takes him to her office and calls Suman in her office. Suman who was busy in her work, left it and came to meet her. She was shocked to see Shravan standing there!! Sharvari leaves them alone. Shravan was so pleased to see her after 5 long years. While Suman just had a continuous flow of tears from her eyes. She remembers,

Suman, Aisha and Aditya were sitting together in a room. (Note that Aditya was best friend of Suman after her lover Shravan and her bestie Aisha! They three were discussing something and gave a hi fi to each other and smiled. They were sitting in one of the classrooms of their college. Suddenly Aisha’s phone rings, she excuses herself and goes out to talk. Here Suman and Aditya were spending good time with each other, chatting and discussing something. When Shravan sees them as he was passing by, he fumes in anger seeing them like that. The point is he was feeling jealous. He thought how could his Sumo spend such merry time with some other boy! He goes inside and brings Sumo out.
Suman: ahh.. what are you doing Shravan?
Shravan: what were you both discussing inside?
Sumo was about to say the truth but she manages: why should I tell you that? Jealous, uh? Its between me and my bestie! So I will not tell you! And she laughs.
Shravan fumes and leaves from there!
Sumo: are Shravan… listen to me!!
Sumo’s pov: don’t worry Shravan, just wait for tomorrow! And she smiles saying that!
The same night,
Aisha, Suman and Aditya were at Aisha’s house. They were discussing about the same thing.
Suman: perfect!!
They were helping Aisha in packing her bag as well. As she was going to her native place the next day as her granny was ill. Aisha used to live alone in her 1 BHK. The three packed her things properly. And they left.


The next evening,
Suman was dressed in beautiful black gown, with lip gloss on her baby pink lips, she had tied a perfect messy bun with some strands of her hair left out which looked pretty when it fell on her face, along with mascara, kajal, eyeliner, she was looking perfect. She took her phone and messaged to Shravan
Are you ready? I am waiting in ** garden! Meet you soon! This will be the best birthday gift for you! Love you.. waiting…
She blushes.. she sat on the chair waiting for her lover, her life! Just then someone comes from behind and keeps hand on her eyes.
Suman: ohh so you are here!
Aditya: yes…
Suman gets up in excitement! As aditya removes his hands, the smile on Suman’s face disappears!
Suman: I thought…
Aditya: I know you thought I would be Shravan! Chill madam, he will be here! Sumo blushes.
Suman: is everything ready?
Aditya: yes.. the music system is perfectly placed! And all the gifts also!
Suman: and that card?
Aditya: yaa that card also will be there with the gifts! Don’t worry!
Suman: that card is very special for me and will be for him also! He will always remember it!
Aditya:ok.. so eat this sweet as our plan has been perfect till now!
Aditya feeds Sumo and she feeds him as well. Shravan reaches the place and sees them feeding each other. He fumes in anger! He claps loudly, Aditya and Sumo are confused!
Shravan: wow Sumo!! What a perfect planning! To reveal your relationship with Aditya. He sees all the decorations, and says, so I interrupted you in your date right? I am so sorry for that! I didn’t know na!

Suman had tears in her eyes,: No Shravan… you are misunderstanding us!
Shravan: no.. now I have understood everything! You wanted to reveal your relationship with Aditya and that’s why you chose the best day! So that I also get a gift from my so called lover! What a perfect planning!! I will always remember this! This was the BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT I have ever received!
Suman: listen to me Shravan!! You are getting me wrong…
Shravan: oh just shut up! I have seen you both together many times and I doubted you! But today its confirmed! What kind of a girl you are? You played with my feelings! Sumo started crying.
Aditya: you are misunderstanding Shravan!
Shravan: just shut up! I hate you Suman Tiwari! I hate you! And he leaves from there crying.
Suman sits on her knees crying. Aditya consoles her.
Aditya: don’t worry, everything will be fine!
Suman: how will everything be fine? We planned so much for him. And he!!
Aditya: everything will be fine yaar! Stop crying. He gives her a warm hug.
Shravan didn’t return back home! He went to the bar and started drinking. He remembers the first time Suman fell in her arms, how he confessed his love and she agreed, the ice cream incident and many more and then he remembers how he saw her laughing, chatting with him, how she said
why should I tell you that? Jealous, uh? Its between me and my bestie! So I will not tell you! And she laughs. He also remembers how aditya and Sumo fed sweet to each other.
He fumes and breaks the glass in his hand letting drops of blood falling on the floor! He shouts.. WHY???? Why did you do this to me?…

Next Day,
Everyone came to college as usual, now Shravan was no more the old one, he became a serious boy, focussing on studies only. He had become angry young man. In the cantee,
Sumo sees him and runs and hugs him. This part ends!

So now you know almost everything. This was the second last part! Lets see what happens in the last part! How they resolve their problem and become two bodies one soul!
I want all the readers of this story to comment, even the silent readers! Please guys comment! And thank you to all those who commented on the previous two parts  Love you all…

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