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Shraman OS: His Voice (Part 1)

Hey friends, lets start,
One girl is shown instructing many other girls. The other girls are shown in a tensed state.
Girl: you, she points one girl, you will call on this number.
The girl is shown, her beautiful eyes which were facing down as she was standing in front of her boss. She obeys her order. Her face is revealed and she is none other than Suman!
Suman: yes ma’am. She calls on that number,
Boy: yes, whose this?…

Suman is taken aback by his words rather by his voice. She doesn’t reply, but there are tears in her eyes, she somehow manages to stop them from falling.
Boy: hello??? May I know whose this?
Suman cuts the call. Everyone is confused. The boss gets angry.
Boss: what was that suman? Why did you cut the call?
Suman: he was not picking up the call.
Boss: ohk.. try another number!
Suman: ma’am actually I need to go to the washroom. Please!
Boss: ok.. you can go but be quick!
Suman nods and runs to the washroom and cries a lot, she sits down crying and remembers, fb:
It was her first day in college, she stepped inside and as she was walking, she didn’t notice water spilt on the floor. And she was about to fall when she is held by two strong arms. She closes her eyes out of fear and when she opens them she finds herself in the arms of a handsome, well built man! That man was still lost in her eyes and she was also lost in him. It was love at first sight for both of them. None of them was ready to get up and leave each other. But unfortunately the bell rang. Trr.. and they both came back to their senses, they both stand straight. Suman turns and leaves from there. That boy keeps looking at her but she didn’t turn. In disappointment he turns his eyes when Suman looks back to him and smiles.
All the newbies sat in one class, a teacher comes and addresses them. Suman was busy listening to her until she turned to her left and saw the same boy sitting on the next bench who was just staring at her. Suman looks down and blushes and that boy quickly turns towards the teacher and laughs at his foolishness. Knock knock… Suman comes back to her senses,
Suman: yes I am coming, she wipes her tears quickly and washes her face so that no one knows she was crying. She wipes her face with her handkerchief and says this is all because of you! Because of you I have to work here! I hate you! I just hate you so much! saying so she goes out.
The scene changes to Mumbai,


The face of the boy who had received the call is revealed, he was none other than Shravan Malhotra.
Shravan’s pov: why do I feel her presence? As if she was the one who was on the phone. I can even feel her breath. I will have to find out! Aakhir itne salon se use dhund raha hu! Aur aj jake koi umeed mili hai. (afterall I am searching for her from so many years! And now I have got some ray of hope.)
Nirmala: beta till when will you wait for her? It has been five years now, forget her! She will never be back.
Shravan; I will never lose hopes, he says having tears in his eyes. It was all my fault maa.. I will never forgive myself.
Nirmala: even she would have forgotten you. You also forget about her.
Shravan: no maa.. I can never forget her, and I have a feeling that alike me she also still loves me.
Nirmala’s pov: please god help my son find her, I cant see him like this day and night. He has become a body without a soul in it!
Nirmala leaves. Shravan calls someone,
Shravan: please find out who is the owner of this number. The one on the call searches and says: this number is registered on the name of Sharvari Dixit, the owner of a call centre in Delhi.
Shravan: Sharvari Dixit?? Give me her address.
Man: but sir, we cant give you her information like this.
Shravan: I will give you huge sum for this but please give me her details. Its very important.
Man: but.. ok sir. He gives Shravan all the information. He thanks him and cuts the call.
Shravan’s pov: does my sumo work in the call centre? No..no.. this cant be possible!But I will still find out about this Sharvari Dixit!
He looks determined. He books the tickets for Delhi.
Its night and Suman has returned back to her so called house, where she just has to bear all tortures from her uncle and aunt. But she bears all of it just for her ill mother. She goes to her mom,
Suman: mom don’t worry one day we will get out of this hell for sure. I have applied for better jobs, I hope that they accept me!
Priya: who will not accept my daughter, uh? I am very sure you will get a job. I am proud of you beta.
Suman gives her the medicines and makes her sleep.

Suman’s pov: please god help me to find a better job. Please god. She goes towards the window and looks at the black sky, there were very less stars that night. The moon was also not shining brightly. Suman remembers how she, her mom and dad were travelling in a car to Delhi. When suddenly a truck appeared and Suman’s dad could not control his vehicle. The truck crashed. Nothing happened to her but when she turned, she saw her parents bleeding to death. She tries to get help from some one but unfortunately she found no one. She tried to start her car and finally it started, she drives them to the hospital. The doctor checks both of them.
Doctor: Ms. Tiwari, its too late we couldn’t save your dad, but your mom is stable but she is suffering badly as the commands of her brain do not reach to her lower body. Her lower body has paralysed. I am so sorry!
Suman was shattered! She was numb. She was feeling helpless. She was the daughter of Tiwari Companies. Her dad had a big business firm. But at the same time he had many debts. And now as he had died, all his property was taken away to clear off his debts. Suman had no money for her mothers treatment. But one fine day her maternal uncle called her Delhi, he agreed to treat her mother. Suman was very happy, she and her mother went Delhi and started living with her maternal uncle and aunt. Her mothers treatment had started she was very thankful to her uncle and god. As the days passed by her uncle started treating her badly, he asked her to do the maids work, her aunt was no less, she used to beat her if anything went wrong. In return they were just letting her stay with her mom, and bearing all their expenses. Her uncle even tried to get close with her in the absence of her wife. Suman was always successful in running away. But her mom didn’t knew any of these. Like this their days were passing.
Suman had tears in her eyes,: I miss you papa! I miss you so much. The scene freezes.
What do you think happened between Suman and Shravan? Why does Suman hate Shravan so much? Does she really hate him or shows that she does? To know that keep reading.
So done with the first part! Note that I am converting this OS to a two or three shorts depending on how long the story goes. So how was this part? Please tell me through your comments 


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