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Shivika -Qubool hai Episode 2

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Episode 2

20 year later

In Australia

A girl going to her car someone come to her car she break the car and she come outside
Begger ask for some money she give him some food and money and give some money to study his child

Begger : thankyou beta in this world rich pepole are thought that poor are not exist in this world but when i saw you you are so good god bless you

A girl its officly Anika

Anika : in this world noone is small everyone is equal no one have right to say bad to anyone

Begger bless her and she leave for office

She come to office

Anika is richest lady in world she is only 24 year old but she take her father Asad buisness to high level

Anika : So Now whats our next destination to shoot and deal

Neha her secretry : Mam in india we have meeting with big compney Oberoi industries

Anika : okk fix meeting tommorow we will leave

Secne shift to india

A angry young man come out of his car a begger ask for money

Man : thease poor pepole they jus ask money they have nothing thery useless roadside people give him a bundle of note go with attitude

In office

Gaurd call in office sir is came
Ria secretry of sir ria tell everyone sit to their sir is come you know he is very rude do your work
Everyone go to sit and sit on chair and doing work

Evereyone greet to sir good morning ..

He go straight to his cabin

Its shivaay he start recalling his childhood moment with Anika he feel very bad

Anika where you go i can’t leave without you i know you are alive and i wait for you my whole life i became a man who have no emotion he say everyone thing that i have no emotion but i waiting for you please come back Anika

Ria : May i come in sir

Shivaay : yeah

Ria : sir tommorrow we have meeting with Miss Anika

Shivaay is shocked

Shivaay : what did you say now

Ria : we have meeting with Miss Anika from Australia she is coming tommorrow

Shivaay : okk you go i think for obe minute my Anika is back but donot what fate written for me

In Australia

Anika come to dilshad

Anika : Dadu tommorrow i have to go india

Dilshad : No you can’t go

Anika : why dadu i have a meeting which is really importent i can’t avoid its really imported i have to go that’s final

Dilshad can’t say anything

Dilshad : okk but i can’t come

Anika : okk dadu but i come back soon for you

Anika land in india shivaay and Anika first meeting they argue with each other and ishana entry

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