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ShivIka FF : A Princess Found (Prologue)

“Shivaay we need to talk.”

That’s the one sentence that when said it only scares the hell out of you.


“What is it Dad? Can’t it wait? I have an important VC to attend.” said Shivaay typing something on his cell phone.

“It is.” his Dad took away the cell phone and placed it aside.

“I was typing an important mail Dad!” Shivaay tried to take his phone back but Shakti Singh Oberoi had different plans. He again snatched the cell phone from Shivaay and this time he threw it away. The phone broke into pieces making Shivaay fume.

“Fhat the wuck Dad!” Shivaay cursed.

Shakti raised his hands featuring Shivaay to stop, “This is much more important than any of your businesses. So stay put and listen.”

“What I am? A 5 year old kid?” Shivaay muttered to himself.

“You behave like one though.” Shakti smiled at his son. “Okay! What is it?” Shivaay asked clearly annoyed.

“You remember Rai-Singhania’s?” Shakti asked as he picked up an envelope from the coffee table.

“Our family friends? Devpur’s royal family?” Shivaay frowned. Rai-Singhania’s and Oberoi’s friendship is 5 generations old. But they had lost contact due to business interests, political aspirations and other things, that doesn’t means that they are not in talking terms.

“Yes.” Shakti handed the envelope to Shivaay, “You must also remember their elder daughter, Anika.”

That name brought many faded memories back to life. Anika used to be Shivaay’s best friends when they were kids, she was 2 year younger than him. She was 8 year old when she got kidnapped, 20 years have passed since then. Everybody tried hard to find her but nothing worked, the Rai-Singhania’s have accepted the fact that she might not be alive.

“I remember her, it’s sad that we lost her. She was my good friend.” Shivaay smiled sadly remembering the time spent with Anika.

“No we didn’t.” Shakti gave him a cynical smile and gestured towards the envelope in Shivaay’s hands, “They found her.”

Shivaay jerked in response, “They what?” he fumbled as he gulped hard. Anika was alive. 20 long years later she was finally back. He opened the envelope took out it’s contents. It was just a photograph.

Photograph of a woman in her mid twenties apparently. She looked nice. “This is Anika. Our sweet little girl has grown so much.” Shivaay heard Shakti say in a soft tenor. Anika was his favourite, he used to adore her more than him.

“Nice. I am happy that she is back.” Shivaay smiled softly, “Is this all what you wanted to talk about?” Shivaay asked, his next meeting was really important. He was gonna finalize their new hotel deal and this particular project would earn him huge profits.

“No.” Shakti shook his head and smiled at his son’s eagerness.

“Okay. So?” Shivaay asked rubbing his forehead with his index finger.

“Years ago during Anika’s naamkaran ceremony me and Suraj, Anika’s father had taken an important decision regarding you and Anika.” Shakti paused for a moment, sighed and then continued, It’s time.”

“What? Time for what exactly?” Shivaay frowned.

“You and Anika are going to get married.” Shakti announced.

“WHAT!!???” yelled an appalled Shivaay.

Oh boy!

They say expect the unexpected but sometimes the expected unexpected doesn’t happens and what happens is so unexpected that you have never ever expected.


Please like and comment and do tell me should I continue this or not. I really really hope that this story makes you smile.

Thank you

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