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#Shivika #Confession… OS

Hello peeps…🙋🙋🙋🙋
Happy wali Diwali to you all…😄😄😄
After watching today’s episode I am annoyed with Shivay for his behaviour with Anika and soon my wild imagination started working and I come up with this OS …

P.S. Anima yet not have informed anything about Tia hugging another guy not even OmRu….


As soon as his marriage date is coming near Shivay is feeling more and more panicking and uneasy. After a battle with his mind and heart regarding his feeling for Anika he finally come to conclusion that he want to know her feeling for him so he can decide what he have to do next so for that he decided a plan and he informed everything to both Om and Rudra regarding his feeling and his plan and both OmRu are more then happy because finally Shivay realised his feeling and going this far to know Anika’s feeling and both helped him in decorating whole pool side with fairy lights and red roses and white and purple orchids and they arrange fragrance candle on ground which and after that according to plan Shivay called Anika and told that he want to talk something personal with her and disconnected call not giving any chance to Anika for counter question or any arguments…

As soon as Anika heard Shivay’s word she starts feeling heavenly though initially she is confused regarding her feeling for him but now she knows that she loves him and soon she get ready for him and soon she reached Oberoi mansion and all this while smile is not leaving her lips and when she reached gate Rudra who is waiting for her arrival according to plan led her to pool side and run from there to inform Shivay about Anika’s arrival…

Whole decoration of pool side take Anika to cloud nine and she strategy reminiscing past days memories how differently Shivay started treating her and the way he fight with goons and rescue her, and how he take care of her on karwa chauth while she is no well as soon as karwa chauth come into her mind she remember how Tia is hugging some another guy and soon she started feeling guilty for hiding this from him but soon she remember how in past he did not heard any single clarification of her and started yelling and blaming her for none of her mistake.

While on the way to poolside Shivay is thinking about Anika only and as soon as he entered in pool side sight in front of his eyes awake sleeping butterfly in his stomach.

Anika is standing near table kept for them and fairy lights twinkle are adding spark to her beauty and he is not able to decide aroma in air is due to her presence or those candle and flowers but soon his heart replied him that this magical atmosphere is due to her presence and he accept that answer with smile and once again look at her and there he find her fiddling with her duptta though she is lost in her thoughts which clearly indicate her nervousness.

Few second thoughta which are coming to his mind with thought of so called society and all soon flew away from his mind as soon as he once again notice that breathtaking beauty standing in front of his eyes.

She is far different from Tia and Mallika and few other girls he dated before her beauty is subtle it is mixture of her stubbornness, never dieing attitude, kindness and innocence. Even he find her beautiful when her eyes are spitting fire when they argue the way his close proximity affect her and all…Gradually she make her place in her heart and turned his anger in admiration,love and endearment.

He started walking towards her like he was in some trance and put his and on her shoulder and soon she turned with a jerk and look into his eyes and and unknowingly words escape from his mouth

Shivay: Are you alright Anika???(In husky voice)

She nodded and close her eyes for a second to get rid of nervousness bubbling inside her and after that she llok straight into his eyes and speak

Anika :Billuji I… She started but stop in middle because she do not know from where to start and what to speak and she do not even know to talk about which matter he called her here

Same time Shivay to speak

Shivay: Anika I… But soon he too is sort of word. Which crept a smile on her lips and he looked at her smiling face and mesmerized seeing how much that smile adore and lighten up her face and soon he move a step further towards and with that once nervousness started bubbling inside her and she step back only to be stuck between table and Shivay.

Shivay slowly move her hair strains and tuck it behind her ears and she closed her eyes and soon he move his face near to her ears and speak in husky voice

Shivay: Anika I love you so much do you love me???

As soon as Shivay completed his sentences without uttering a words she run from there leaving astonished Shivay behind.

After few minutes sad Shivay come to his room and there he see Rudra and before he can say anything to him Rudra handover a letter to him and speak

Rudra: Anika didi told to give it to you…

And after that Rudra left from there leaving Shivay all alone and soon he started reading letter which is quitting

I am sorry Billuji for running away from there without answering any thing. And I am sort of word to explain how sorry I am for doing that but I’ve something important to inform you which can destroy this fragile relation between us and can turn that love in your eyes for me into anger for me for which I am not ready. I know I can inform you this face to face like always but I am not ready to face after consequences so I ran. But I can never run away from truth so here it is I know you won’t trust me if I said you that so please keep an eye on Tia. I know you might feel strange reading this and will be angry thinking it have nothing to do with our relation but please do it.. And if you feel still sane for me after that then I’ll be waiting for you.
Only and only your,

After reading it Shivay felt strange but yet he followed Anika’s request and dailled few numbers and informed his mans to keep an eyes on Tia.

It had been week since that incident Anika is feeling strange, low, rejected and many more feelings and all this time she avoid visiting Oberoi mansion with one or another excuse and today too she is missing Shivay and that feelings she feel when he is around him and after sending Sahil to school she sat on sofa and start turning pages of some random magazine but soon doorbell ring indicating visitor frustrated Anika open door and about to yell on visitor but seeing Shivay standing at her door she is surprised and confused she welcomed him with the confusion for his sudden visit but before she can ask anything to him he speak

Shivay: I know truth…

As soon as words hit her ears she moves towards him to comfort him but stop in middle thinking he might be angry on her and she speak

Anika: I am sorry, I should have told you this before but…

Before she can complete her sentence he speak

Shivay: I know Anika I’ve never trusted you before so you did not said me and trust me when investigator informs me this I am furious at you for hiding this from me but after thinking from your point if view I come to know that all this time I never think twice before judging you and that make you feel insecure but from now on I won’t do that again trust me… And Anika yet I do feel same for you… The question is do you????

After hearing that Anika ran into his arms, crying happily at sudden turn of destiny not even in her wildest she thought that he will behave like that…

He embrace her tightly and safely in his arms after few second she pull back and wipe away her tears and with a most beautiful smile if her she replied

Anika: I love you so much Billuji…

As soon as he heard this magical words from her happily cupped her face in his hand and leaned down his face and in response she closed her eyes and both their breaths become even and soon Sivay sealed her lips with his and kiss her gently an lovingly which comfort her and giving her some silent promises…😍😍😍

So how it is (freaking long OS but will be worthy typing this if you all liked it)??? Do you all like it na??? This one is my Diwali Dhamaka….😉😉😉 Hope you all like it…

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