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Shakti 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 4th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Preeto asking Shanno to go and says she will handle the kinnars. Shanno wonders why did they come here? Varun goes to buy medicines for Preeto. Preeto takes them to room and asks what do you want? Rani and Raveena tell her that they came to do deal with her, and say that they will send Soumya so far that she will never return. Preeto asks where you will send her. Rani says Bangkok. Surbhi waits for Soumya to come eagerly and hopes she finds her soon. Kareena sees Soumya busy with baby and thinks to leave her there. She asks Chameli and others to come. Saya asks them to stop and asks to take Tarana with the baby. Kareena asks Soumya to come. Soumya goes with them. Preeto asks how you will send her? Rani tells them they have connection there, but it will be costly…1 lakh Rs. Preeto

hears them and goes. Raveena says we would have asked for more. Rani says we will get much afterwards, it is not right to get more greedy at the moment.

Preeto comes back and gives 50000 and says she will give remaining amount after the work is done. Rani and Raveena agree. Preeto asks how you will take Soumya from there. Raveena tells that they will meet for Mata Rani puja and that day they will take Soumya from there. She asks her to make Soumya reach Chandigarh Airport, and then there people will take her to Bangkok. She tells that Soumya is very innocent and will not doubt on them, and tells that Soumya tried to return a baby to her parents. Preeto thinks what Harman had said. She then asks Rani and Raveena about the places where she went. They tell about the two houses. Preeto tells that her son is very clever. She asks her to call Gurumaa. Rani calls Guru maa and asks where are everyone. Guru maa tells that they went to Shakti Nagar. Preeto asks Rani to tell Guru Maa to call everyone as Soumya’s husband and sister are there to take her back. Rani tells the same to Guru Maa. Preeto thinks if Soumya reaches there, then Harman will find her. Guru Maa calls Kareena. Harman asks Surbhi to have patience and says Soumya will come.

Jugni comes to Nimmi’s house and tells that Kalsi is coming to her house for the goad bharayi rasam. She asks about Surbhi and asks her to call Soumya from her sasural. Bebe says we will call her, but can’t force her to come. Jugni tells Nimmi to make kheer for Kalsi. Nimmi says I am unwell, I can’t make kheer. Jugni asks her to tell, and says I will make. Nimmi says I can’t make. Jugni thinks what to do? Bebe asks Nimmi to make kheer for Kalsi. Beeji comes and says Nimmi will make kheer for sure. Jugni gets happy and says you are cool. Surbhi hears the car coming and says they have come. Harman asks her to relax. Surbhi peeps out from the window. Harman also looks out. They smile.

Harman says we shall sit inside and wait, if they see us then they will return. Kareena asks Soumya to come. Soumya says I will sit with Amrit in the car. Kareena says her name is Deepa now, and asks her to come, else Guru Maa will get angry. Soumya agrees. A person comes there on the cycle, and tells Kinnars that he wants to talk to them. He tells them something and asks them to go. Kareena and others see Harman and surbhi and sit in car. Harman sees them going and runs, but they leave. Surbhi cries and says she couldn’t meet Soumya. Harman catches the man and asks what did you tell him. He beats him. The man says he didn’t tell anything and goes. Soumya asks why they did sit in car again. Kinnar woman tells that they didn’t get any nek as her husband and Sister was there. Soumya says she will meet them and asks driver to take the car back. Kinnars hold her and stop her, while she cries asking them to let her meet them.

Surbhi bandages Harman’s hand, and tells him that they should enquire with the shop keepers. Harman says where we will search Soumya now, we have less time now. Old woman says your intention is good and asks him to apologize to her on her behalf whenever he meets her. Surbhi says whatever you have done for us is enough. Old woman says we are respected people, but when we don’t have humanity in us, then everything is waste. Surbhi says atleast you have realized, I wish everyone would have understand this. Harman thanks them. They leave. Surbhi thinks I am going again empty handed, and thinks what I will tell mummy today. Harman keeps his hand in his pocket and gets a letter. He reads why you are after us and wasting time and energy, you will not get Soumya, be happy in your life and let us live. Surbhi asks from where did you get the letter. Harman says that man kept this letter in my pocket and recalls the incident. He looks on.

Soumya tells Guru Maa that she will not go anywhere as Harman and Surbhi will come to take her. Guru maa is shocked. Harman asks Inspector why did he stop his car and asks if they are drunk. Inspector says we are not drunk and says they have come to arrest him. Harman is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. If Harman agrees for second marriage as is mother wish that also with is wife sister surbi than the serial will be very ugly and in any situation if he stands for his love than he is an hero and he is the true lover .the director makes a big mistake by bringing surbi in Harmans life the director dose not have common sense surbi is searching for her sister and she is not only sister for sowmya she is also a mother for sowmya. if she takes his sister place she is not fit to be a sister than she is a cheater .we fans see your serial because of Harman and sowmya love story will be true .we fans hate your serial because you can’t understand fans what we say this is very bad and I request you again that at any cost don bring surbi in Harman and sowmya life let surbi stand in her limit this is fans wish try to respect the message and reply we are waiting

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