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Shakti 21st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 21st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Soumya shouting Harman ji on seeing him. Harman looks at her. Soumya cries happily. She asks goons to leave her hand. Harman starts fighting with the goons. Kaustub looks on. Harman beats the goons. Kaustub sees goons taking away Soumya and shouts soumya. Harman runs after the jeep and calls Soumya. Saya comes there and looks on. Harman recalls Soumya looking at him with hopeful eyes. Harman helps Kaustub gets up. Kaustub says I am fine, and asks him to save Soumya. He sees a bike and sits on it. Kaustub says I will come with you. Harmanr refuses to take him seeing his condition, but Kaustub is adamant to come with him. Saya hears them. Soumya asks the goons to stop the car and let her go. She shouts Harman ji. Harman follows the jeep on the bike. Kaustub asks Harman to take a different


turn to reach them.

Goons think Harman left. Soumya thinks Harman can’t leave her after coming here. Goon says who will risk life for a kinnar. Harman comes infront of the jeep. Goon stops the jeep. Soumya says Harman ji, I knew you would come. Goon says why you are after a kinnar, and gets down to fight with him. Harman tells goon that he would have forgive him if he had tried to take his life, and says Soumya is my responsibility. Goon asks him to go home and says she will be with us now. He asks him not to try to become hero again. Harman says we didn’t have a formal introduction. He says I do three things, baat, laat and mulakaat. Kaustub gets impressed and thinks to tell these dialogues. Harman asks goons to leave Soumya.

Goon makes Soumya gets down the car and pours kerosene around her. Then they light the circle around fire. Harman is fighting with the goons. Goon asks him to save his heroine. Soumya shouts seeing the fire around her.

Harman is shocked. Goon asks if your heropanti is swaha seeing heroine in fire. He asks him to save his kinnar heroine. Soumya tells that she couldn’t come out. Harman takes a blanket kept there and jumps in the fire to save Soumya. Kaustub says yes, Harman you can do it. Soumya cries emotionally. Harman looks at her. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays……………………They both look at each other. Saya is stunned to see Harman’s love for her. Harman covers her with blanket and jumps out of fire. He beats the goons. Song continues to play. Soumya cries. Harman wipes her tears. He thanks Kaustub. Kaustub asks what you are saying? I was committed to you, that I will bring Soumya to you. He asks them to leave immediately. Harman asks what about you. Kaustub says I am fine. Take Soumya from here, before goons and kinnars come back. He asks him to take care of Soumya and says we will meet later. Harman leaves with Soumya on bike.

Saya gets angry and slaps Kaustub hard. She says because of you, Tarana managed to fled. She says I won’t let you do this again and will ruin you. Kaustub says I made her run…he asked her to ask Rani and Raveena, where they wanted to send Soumya with goons. He says you wanted Soumya to stay with you without her wish, it is called imprisonment, force which is done to the prisoners and not in relation, and asks her to free Soumya. Saya is shaken up with his words. Other goons see Harman with Soumya, and says he is Harak Singh’s son. Harman thinks I shall not fight with them now, as Soumya is with them. He speeds up the bike, just as they are about to follow him. He drives the bike till some point and asks Soumya to get down.

Meanwhile the goons follow them in the jeep. Soumya is about to shout seeing scorpion. Harman keeps hand on her mouth and asks her to be silent. Soumya nods. They hide behind the plants. Goons think they have eloped and leave from there. Harman removes hand from her mouth. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays….Harman smiles looking at her and recalls all the moments spent wit her. He removes his jacket and makes her wear it as she shivers in cold. Tu Hi Mera Khuda continues to play.

Harman says now we shall go. I will call Surbhi. He calls Surbhi and informs her that he got Soumya and will be coming home. Surbhi insists to talk to her. Harman says I am taking her home, then talk, there is a danger here. Surbhi asks him to bring her soon. She gets happy and tells Nimmi that Harman is coming with Soumya. Nimmi is happy and hugs Soumya happily. They inform Beeji. Bebe and Maninder hears them and are shocked. Maninder says what we will do now. Bebe says she is a kinnar, but her destiny is so good. Don’t know what will happen now. Beeji gets happy hearing Harman is bringing Soumya home. Nimmi prays to Mata Rani and tells that Harman has fulfilled the promise made to her and proved to be Soumya’s rakshak. She thanks Mata Rani. Surbhi asks Nimmi to break her fast with water now. Nimmi drinks water and breaks her fast. She thanks Mata Rani again and again. Surbhi also thanks God. Nimmi asks Surbhi to call Harman and asks when they will come.

Maninder shouts that Harman has saved Soumya, but tell him if he likes Soumya then keep her in his house, don’t bring her here. He knocks on the door asking Nimmi to open the door. Nimmi asks Surbhi to call Harman. Surbhi calls him, but his call is unreachable. Surbhi tells that his phone is unreachable. Beeji gets worried. Nimmi tells Beeji that Soumya will come to her now, and will not land up in any trouble. Maninder calls Preeto, but she doesn’t pick the call. He throws the phone angrily. Harman calls Preeto and asks her to thank mata rani with ghee diyas, and tell Harak Singh that he gave birth to a man, who kept his word. He says Soumya is found. Preeto is shocked. She cuts the call, and asks Harak Singh, what will happen now? If I will lose my son.

Harman asks Soumya to wash her face as she is not looking his Soumya, says you are looking of the world from where I have brought you. Soumya washes her face and looks emotionally at her face without make up.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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