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Shakti 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kareena asking Soumya to pack her clothes and says all the kinnars come to the temple from different places. Soumya says whatever I am having is given by you people, and says she don’t want to go, and asks them to go. Kareena says you have to come. Rani tells you have to go Tarana from this city and country. She says you will go to the world which you have never thought of even in your dreams. Surbhi and Harman talk to a man, and asks they need a person to go to temple. The man tells them that a person can help them and says his name is Kaustub. He says he has only one weakness, and that is money. Harman says okay and asks for the number. The Man gives his number to Harman. Harman says I hope you don’t tell this to anyone or any kinnar. The man assures them that he will not


tell anything to anyone, and tells that he has seen love and pain in Surbhi’s eyes for her sister. They leave. They come to the given address and meet Kaustub. Kaustub asks who are you?

Harman says they have something to talk to him. They get inside. All the kinnars gather outside the temple. Latika meets Mallika and gets happy. She says we are meeting after one year, and says lets keep stuff in the guest room and talk. She sees Soumya and asks if her parents have left her here. She is so beautiful. Saya says we have brought her here, as she belongs to her. Latika says that’s why she is looking sad, and says you will be happy soon. Soumya says happiness here. Kareena says you will get happiness soon. Rani calls Preeto and informs her that Soumya is here with them in the temple. It seems Mallika/Saya heard them. Rani and Raveena are shocked.

Mallika asks from where did the phone come in your hand. She says we are all here, then with whom you are talking to? They lie that the phone is of Ram Pyaari. Saya asks them to concentrate on their relation. Kaustub hears Harman and Surbhi, and tells Harman that he is a real hero. He says I can’t help you and go in disguise of a kinnar. Harman says that they would have gone there, but Kinnars know them. Surbhi asks him to inform Soumya about them. Kaustub doesn’t agree. Harman offers him money. Kaustub refuses. Harman offers more money. Kaustub is a greedy man and takes money bag. He says this is enough for few hours work. Surbhi says it is a limit of taking advantage of someone’s helplessness.

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