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Shakti 14th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 14th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

The Episode starts with Harman walking on the road and thinking he has to search Soumya before Navratri ends, else she can’t go back to her mum never. He gets sad. Salman Khan comes and keeps hand on his shoulder. Harman says you are here. Salman asks what is his problem? Harman tells him that his wife is missing and he is trying to search her, but no luck. Salman gives him strength and promotes big boss. He tells that this time audience from around the world will be participating as they heard his voice. Harman says Soumya couldn’t hear me. Salman tells him that Soumya will surely hear his heart voice, and will return. He asks him to do mannat and be sure. He gives him best wishes and goes. Harman thanks him. Soumya looks tensed. Saya asks Rani and Raveena to do as she said. She asks them to go. She asks Kareena to throw them out and close door. Kareena is shocked too. Rani and Raveena go out. Kareena closes the door. Saya asks everyone to sleep and says nobody should open the door. Soumya looks on sadly. Later in the night, Viren talks to Harman and says Preeto is worried because of him today. He says what we will reply to people when they ask about Soumya. He asks don’t you care? Harman says I am worried and that’s why I am searching her. Viren asks are you planning to bring her here. Harman says I don’t want to trouble her by bringing her here, and says he will handover her to Nimmi. Viren asks why you are searching her. Harman says you will not understand me as Shanno Chachi doesn’t go far from you. Viren tells Harman that if Harak Singh’s reputation is ruined tomorrow, then he will kill himself. Harman gets angry and thinks he has become guilty of everyone now, without doing any crime.

At Kinnar’s home. Everyone wake up in the night and goes to kitchen. They see Soumya making food. Chameli says what she is doing so late in the kitchen. Other kinnar tells that she might be making good food for her. Chameli asks Kareena not to go to kitchen and says now we will see what Mallika will do now. Soumya is still busy in making food. All the kinnars get ready.

Harman prays to Mata Rani and says I heard that you comes on earth during navratri and fulfill people’s ardaas. He asks her to hear his ardaas and says now the matter is about my parents’ respect. I am thinking to tell everyone that Soumya is a kinnar, and I want to take blame on myself for marrying her. He tells that his respect is not more than Harak Singh’s respect, says he can bear taunts, but can’t let his parents hear taunts. He asks God to handle everything and looks hopeful. Harak Singh and Preeto hears them. Preeto tells Harak Singh that she won’t let this happen now. She says we will do what was decided.

Soumya comes out and sees everyone sitting angrily. Chameli asks so you was making food for yourself after we all slept so that we couldn’t know. Saya comes and asks what happened? Chameli asks Saya to see. Saya asks what? Other kinnar tells that she was eating food in the kitchen. Soumya says I wasn’t eating, and says I was making food for everyone, as I thought everyone is hungry because of me. She says I don’t want you people to curse you, after I leave from here. She asks them to eat food and says it is ready. Kareena says lets go and have food. Chameli and others say that they will eat too. Everyone eats food. Saya praises Soumya’s hand made food and says it is tasty. Soumya is sad. Saya asks Soumya to have food. Soumya says you call yourself as maa, and says don’t know if Rani and Raveena have eaten anything or not, and says I am not happy here, but I never want anything wrong to happen. She says you should have punished me and not then. Saya says this is your punishment that you are here, and asks her to open door and see, says they will be outside. Soumya opens the door and finds Rani and Raveena sitting outside. She smiles and is relieved.

Missing part will be added later.

Everyone selects sarees for themselves. Saya asks Soumya to select saree for herself. Soumya says no, and says I don’t want anything. Kareena asks what happened? Are you missing Harman? Soumya says I didn’t know that I am not a woman and my heart asks me to stay as a woman only. Preeto drinks water. Harak Singh asks what happened? Preeto says they have gone mad and refused to sent their daughter. She says she will burn everyone. Harak Singh asks her to calm down and tells that they will bring Soumya back for a day. Preeto asks have you gone mad? She says what we will tell Harman that we knows about her whereabouts and didn’t tell him. Harak Singh says we are stuck between respect and son. Preeto thinks what to do now.

Varun meets someone and asks him to take advance money. He asks him to asks questions to Harak Singh about his bahu. Man says okay, I will ask him, and asks where did she go? Vaarun says this is not your matter, and asks man to ask Harak to send bahu to temple as her name is written on the temple. Kareena brings saree and some stuff for Soumya and says this will be okay for married woman puja. She asks her to do puja when everyone will go out. Soumya smiles and thanks her. Kareena says I am doing this for myself. Soumya says you are making me remind of my choti and gets teary eyes. She says give me a chance to do something for you, and asks what do you want? Kareena says I will ask you if I need anything. She says I am going to have food, if anybody asks me about you. Then I will tell that you are having stomach pain. Soumya looks at saree and thinks Harman asked her to wear orange saree on this day.

Man asks Harak Singh where is Soumya? Harman says I will answer you and says my wife Soumya…..is a..Maninder comes with Nimmi and Surbhi with veil on her face, asks him to stop. Everyone looks at Surbhi.

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