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Sesha to create hurdles in Rocky and Shivangi’s marriage in Naagin 2

Shivangi has become the bride again. Yamini has given her acceptance for Shivangi. Yamini gets the bride, but has a motive hidden. The functions start with the mehendi rasam. Shivanya gets scared seeing Yamini and Sesha. Shivangi and Rocky are getting married. Yamini has made the surprise ready. Shivangi adorns herself with the floral jewelry. Shivanya applies mehendi to her. Shivanya writes R for Rocky, and tells Shivangi that her Papa name Ritik had same initials. Shivanya tells Shivangi that she will be having bidaai soon and cries.

Shivanya is worried to get separated from her daughter, but is happy that Shivangi will be married before she completes 25 years. Rocky and Shivangi’s marriage will bring many thrills. The story is going ahead very fast. Mehendi function brings many twists. A bee bites Shivangi, and Shivanya gets a reason to worry. Shivanya gets shocked knowing Rocky is part of Yamini’s family. Yamini’s new partner is Icchadhaari MadhuMakhi.

Shivanya is afraid that Madhumakhi can come back in their lives and take revenge. Shivangi tells Shivanya that it’s just a honey bee and nothing will happen by its bite. Sesha make an entry to stop the marriage. Sesha/Ruchika loves Rocky, while he loves Shivangi. Sesha sas she will not let Rocky marry Shivangi. There will be big twists in Rocky and Shivangi’s marriage. After that, the real story of Naagin 2 will start. Keep reading.

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