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Seperation made our relation more strong (Chapter 2 – THREE OPTIONS)

I’m so much happy seeing your comments. Thank u soooooo much. The episode will start after, swara and shomi fight after gayathri, sujata and ap goes from their baadi because of that fish in the serial. I hope u can get me.

Chapter 2
Ragini pov
Ahhh. This maa and swara is always fighting like kids. Now also, I had to stop their fight . Maa is angry with swara, but atleast swara could understand naa. Oh god! Now I’m here in this market with my sister somehow stoping their fight and bringing her here. Suddenly goons came and surrounded us, I was scared. But swara, what she said literally shocked me,”oh hello, we are commisioner’s daughters ok! Don’t u dare mess with us, otherwise I’ll put u all in jail for a maximum 10 yrs. And my father will u beat u black and blue”. I was controlling my laughter and looked at the goons, my smile faded away because they seemed really dangerous and they immediately caught our hands, I was scared. They took their gun and shot at air. Hearing the sound, the people got scared and started running but I and swara was not able to run as they were tightly holding us. Soon the market seemed empty and the goons were trying to misbehave with my swara. She was crying and pleading them, while I was also shouting but there was no one for us. Swara shouted cryingly,”leave me please”. One of the goons asked, ”why, are u not liking us or u have a bf or u r married?” “I’m married”. Swara said cryingly . I was helplessly looking at my sister and thinking for a solution, when the goon suddenly said, ”well , we won’t touch a married girl, but we need a proof”. Now that sounded really fishy, how will a goon will leave a girl if he comes to know that she is married. There was something wrong, I thought swara will understand but she said,”I will call my husband”. I was shocked, but then I understand that she was not in a state to think as they were dangerously close to her and she was crying very badly. The goons who were holding me closed my mouth as I was continuously shouting. Swara called sanskar and kept the phone in speaker and begged him to say that she was his wife. But sanskar did’nt listen to her, and he cutted the call saying that she was not his wife. The goons again tried to misbehave with her, but this time somehow swara overpowered them and pushed them and she also slipped and fall on the road and within a fraction of second, a truck came and hit swara. My legs got sticked to the place, I was not even able to move Seeing my angel swara lying in the pool of blood. The police came and arrested the goons, maybe the people who ran from here called them. But I don’t care about that right now, I just wanted to go to my swara and shout at her to wake up and not to scare me but my legs were not ready to move and no words were coming from my mouth. I felt my vision going blur because of the tears and soon the darkness consumed me.


I slowly and lightly opened my eyes and found myself in a new environment. I remembered the market incident and I immediately shouted ‘SWARA’. I realised that I was in a hospital and was madly asking the doctors and sisters about swara. They told that she was in the next room. I immediately rushed there and when I reached there, I was shocked seeing my swara lying lifelessly on the bed with a pale face. The doctor came near me and said that there were three options for swara right now. He said me those options, I just looked blankly at the doctor and he walked from the room. I looked at my sister whose head was bandaged and lots of wire connected from her hand to the system. I went near her and bursted out intears,”swara, do u remember even I met an accident once, that time u said to me that u r incomplete with me and pleaded to me to wake up, I listened to u na, now please u also wake up, please.” But she was not listening me, I cried more. A nurse came and told me to leave from the room. I came out and sat with a thud on one of the chairs present there. Few nurses came and told me that even I needed treatment right now, but I said that I wanted to be alone, maybe they understood me, they silently gave me and swara’s belongings and went from there leaving me alone. I covered my face with my palms and was weeping silently, when I suddenly felt a vibration sound. I realised that it was a message from my phone. I took my phone and shocked to see that it contained the video of whatever happened in the market. My blood boiled remembering the incident, I don’t know whether they would have left swara if sanskar would have said that she was his wife. But right now, I needed his answer. Can’t he listen to her cries. I remembered how swara used to cry and miss sanskar. I decided two things now, one I will get answers from sanskar and second I will definitely unite them. I called maa and told her about the accident, after sometime she came there cryingly. I consoled her and told that I will be back. I went to mm angrily and stopped at the entrance. Suddenly all my anger vanished and tears were continuously flowing from my eyes.

I remembered my grahpravesh, my marriage and my lovely moments with my laksh. I could see laksh everywhere. He was smiling at me and opened his arms for me. I ran to hug him. But he was vanished, I cried realising that laksh is not there. I broke down completely and shouted laksh. I don’t know why my loved ones were leaving me. First laksh and now swara. SWARA, I realised for what I came here and wiped my tears. I made a vow to myself that I would return this home only with laksh, but today I was breaking it for my sister. “I’m sorry Laksh”, I whispered and went inside the house. It seemed quite and I shouted ‘SANSKAR MAHESHWARI’ angrily. He came, I could’nt control my anger and in a fit of rage, I slapped him and showed him the video. He broke down and confessed that HE LOVES SWARA AND CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT HER. I could see that he was really guilty. I got my answers that he still love her and he did’nt do anything intentionally. This swara and sanskar is really mad, oneside I’m craving for my love but these both are not even understanding the value of love. But I know how to unite them. I said,”sanskar, doctor said that there are three options for swara right now, these three options will change her life”. Sanskar looked at me blankly, I continued,”this three options are not just going to change swara’s life. Even your life will be changed with this THREE OPTIONS.

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