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Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 9

Abhi was feeling relieved that she was not appearing in front of him for the whole day but he did felt bad for being rude to her. Abhi, Where is she? Usually she would roam in the park and now she nowhere to be found. Maybe she have some work and is busy in that.

But as one day passed, he found it difficult without seeing her. He did tried to knock her door. He did that in the morning and evening but there was no response. He was getting curious about her whereabouts. Abhi, What if she left the hotel? So fast? I thought she would stay longer and especially to irritate me!


Abhi went to the reception area and asked the receptionist “Where is the girl who stayed beside my room?� Receptionist “She checked out yesterday itself!� Abhi realised the reason for Pragya to be dressed up and came to talk to him. Now he remembered why she was keep on repeating I am leaving.

Abhi, Why must I care? Ya she is not even my friend! She don’t even belong to any of my characteristics! Yes Abhi stop thinking about her and u have better things to think about. Receptionist “Sir but she asked me to gave u this!� Abhi “What is this?� Receptionist “I am not sure sir but she asked me to pass this box to u!� He took the box and thought, hope it is not something crazy and he opened the box to find the helicam that she operated that day with a note. He read the note which said, To my dear LF (Guess yourself what is LF) Bye and I will miss you badly AB and my LF!

Abhi without realising said loudly “I am already missing you badly!� Receptionist “So lovely! Of course u will miss a girlfriend like her!� Abhi realised what he said and told her “Did I ask any comment from you? It would be good if u can concentrate on your work!� Receptionist was embarrassed and continued with her work. Abhi took the box with him to his room.

Abhi, LF? What is that? Lullaby Friend? Ya it should be that way as I sang lullaby to her that day. If she miss me then why she never tell me properly that she is leaving from the hotel. Now she is making me restless and I don’t even know who is she and where she lives! She just came like a silent breeze and now silently vanished as breeze too. Wait! Why am I thinking about her again? This is not supposed to be the way! How did I lost my control?

Abhi looked out at the same window that she saw her before in the day and night time. Abhi, I saw you in two different ways at different timings of the day. At day time, I saw you as the bright sun which shines brightness through your laughter and cute antics. And in the night, I saw you as the moon which glows with graciousness that is hiding something. Now where would I be able to experience all this?

Abhi, Enough Abhi if u stayed here longer then u will keep on remember about her and will be crazy just like her! Ok it’s time to pack up and move to house! Yes that would not remind her!

He started to pack up and called his friend to make arrangements at his house.

Abhi left his room and took a quick glance at her room before leaving from there. He reached his house and he always didn’t like to be in his house but now he had no choice. He opened the door with his bags and luggage taken by the help. He walked towards the steps and realised someone was sitting on the dining area. He thought, who could it be and that too at night? He turned to look back and was shocked to see her! Is it my imagination? Or is she really here?

He blinked and rubbed his eyes several times to see that he is not dreaming. She was sitting there wearing a white saree with a wide smile. She said “Hi LF….How are u?� Abhi felt dizzy and fainted onto the floor.

Pragya trying to wake Abhi from his unconsciousness by kissing him!

Thank u all for reading and the support! It’s really feels nice when u all are enjoying it! To everyone who likes this one then I have something surprising for u all! I think it will be surprising! Hope so and it can be seen in the upcoming updates! Also thanks to silent readers!

Yes Sabeenia I know Tamil! I can’t reply everyone but I will reply my gratitude to u all through my writings in this story….

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