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Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 17

Abhigya were avoiding each other after their last conversation that was filled with worries. If Abhi was in the living room, then Pragya will either stay in her room or will be in the kitchen helping Robin. As for Abhi whenever he passed Pragya he would just turn behind and head towards a different direction from her. Pragya, I am avoiding him as he said he asked me to leave him alone that day. To say the truth, staying here is more than enough than expecting to be his everything….But what can I do if it’s difficult for this heart to control? Difficult for her heart to control to be far from him! And why can’t he understand that? Why??

Abhi was now walking swiftly towards his room and Pragya saw him from the living area. Pragya looked up at him from there and just felt like calling out to him. But once she remembered his words of Leave me alone she just ignored her thoughts. She decided to stay in the living area for a while by reading some magazines as she had no one to talk to. Robin was on leave, Shanti ma and Ram went out to visit their friend’s house. Pragya, I should have also accompanied Aunty and Uncle when they asked me to come along with them. Now what do I do here with no one to talk to! He is also in his room! I am all alone here!


That’s when there was a loud noise from Abhi’s room!
Pragya, What was that? It’s so loud and that too from his room right? Or is it something else? I just go and check! I just hope he don’t get mad on me!
Pragya reached outside his room and knocked his door. Abhi “Come in Pragya!” Pragya didn’t expected that! She thought he would shout at her for checking on him! Pragya entered the room. She was shocked to see the sight in front of her.

Pragya “What are u doing?” Abhi “I also don’t know..I am trying to see what I am doing! U can help me if u want but no touching!” Pragya, huh? How to help him in this without touching him? I feel like….ok now I don’t know what to do with him!!!
Abhi was standing on one leg and trying to balance himself by having his hands widely open in sideways. Pragya “Why are u standing on one leg?” Abhi “Why? I can’t do this is it?” Pragya “What if u miss your balance?” Abhi “You are here right u can help me but without touching me!” Pragya looked around the room and saw the metal rod that he kept behind one of the shelf. She went in that direction to take that and Abhi was keep on moving here and there to balance himself. Pragya “Here hold the end of this metal rod!” Abhi “Very smart! Ok but u must stand with me as long I am trying to balance! So are u ready to hold the other end of metal rod for that long?” Pragya nodded her head in response and was totally clueless on what he was trying to do!

Abhi gave a smirk in response and both were standing in silence now. Pragya, Both my hands and legs are in pain but I seriously don’t have any idea what is this man trying to do! How long do I have to hold this metal rod for him and stand like a statue??
Shanti ma then entered his room and was finding it funny to see both of them in that position. Shanti ma “Abhi! What are u doing?” Abhi “Balancing my life Ma!” Pragya “Huh?” Abhi “Please remain silent Pragya! I am talking to my Ma and can’t u see that?” Pragya remained silent hearing that and mentally scolded herself for her loud reaction. Shanti ma “Just stop this! I don’t mind if u hurt yourself but you are also hurting my bahu! Can’t u see how difficult it’s for her to carry the metal rod!!” Abhi pulled off the metal rod from Pragya’s hand and he was now standing on two legs. Shanti ma “Why are u so harsh??” Abhi “I am always like that Ma!”

Pragya “It’s ok Aunty and I am fine it’s just….” Abhi “I am saying to u again Pragya! Don’t interfere when my Ma is talking to me!” Pragya was shocked hearing to his loud voice and was slowly moving away from where she was standing. Shanti ma “What was that Abhi? She has all the rights to interfere! First tell me what is all this u are doing and Pragya u just stay here!” Pragya was feeling very tensed now as Shanti ma was getting angry on him. Abhi “Ma! I am sorry but all this is the balancing techniques that I learnt a few days back!” Shanti ma “Bakwass balancing techniques! And why do u have to this now?” Abhi “You will know that soon! And by the way my legs are very tired now…I am going to lie on my bed to rest Ma!” Shanti ma “Do whatever u want!” She held Pragya’s hands and walked off from his room.

Pragya “Aunty! U shouldn’t be so angry on him!” Shanti ma “Pragya! He is just acting to make us irritated! He is doing all this with some intention! Even after u have told him everything, he is still not reacting in the right way, instead he is doing all crazy things!” Pragya smiled hearing that as she also used to do crazy things but she found his way to be more interesting. Shanti ma “Why are u smiling?” Pragya “Nothing Aunty just felt like smiling…..” Shanti ma “Both of u are completely lost in craziness!” Pragya “No Aunty! I am completely lost in his craziness and for him is the beginning to craziness….” Shanti ma shook her head in disbelief and thought how is she going to handle both if they got married!
Pragya left to her room and thought if he is doing something crazy then why not she adds even more craziness to that? Why not? But how?

Abhi, I know that she is affected by my presence then why did I said to her that she can help me if she wants! I should have controlled myself! My heart is finding it difficult to control! Is it because she is having my Tanya’s heart? And this damn balancing techniques! I thought it would help me to balance my thoughts but it is only making things worse! I had to even manage Ma for this! Am I out of my senses like she was in the hotel? How do I control myself?

Abhi nervously entering Pragya’s room to see her. Someone “Go Abhi! It’s Pragya! And not some ghost!” Abhi was thinking, Even if it’s ghost I think I would manage by fainting but I can’t even faint in front of her! If not she would try to kiss me like last time!

This is what I can upload for today! Hope u all enjoyed it and thank u all for reading! I will try to reply u all if possible and happy reading! Last update was emotional so I hope this was a lighter one with a bit of craziness! I guessed I replied everyone in the last update! If by chance I missed out any then I am sorry! Thanks for all your valuable comments! It boosts my idea generation! Actually I am unable to read any of the ffs here for the time being as my brain is heavily damaged with a disorder called assignmentophilia… so once I am cured from that then I can read all the writings here peacefully! I really want to read all the wonderful writers’ writings here with some peace of mind that is unfortunately currently unavailable to me! But I feel all my favourite writers are doing a great work and keep showering us with all your wonderful writings! I do keep track of the names of the ffs and One shots that I want to read after I get cured from my disorder. I am eagerly waiting to get cured soon!

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