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Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 1

Sometimes certain things in life start with uncertainty. Why is that so? Sometimes we don’t have the answer for that too. That is how their life started without realising that their uncertainty will make them certain about something. Something about life, something about relationships, something about love and something about their destiny.
What if he does not belong to me but he is someone who is capable of being a belonging to me?

What if she belongs to me but not capable of being belonging to anyone else?
I don’t want to know who belongs to who as we already know that we don’t belong to each other! Apart from being having the sense of belonging to each other, do we have anything else in common? No! Then why do I always want her to be my belonging?
Their sense of belonging is something that is very complicated due to various reasons. Let’s see how their sense of belonging will make them belong to each other in all ways….maybe always in their life too….


Abhi with all his belongings lands up in Mumbai. He felt although he have all his belongings with him but something was missing…..something that he felt was lost…..He went to a hotel to check in. He didn’t want to go back to his home. He knew if he went there then his sense of being lost will become even worse. Abhi, I am not sure how long I am going to feel lost in my life. I am feeling lost in a lot of issues……Why is that so? I have everything in my life that I wanted but why do I feel lost at all times? Is it because my parents are living in abroad? Do I yearn for their affection? I still do talk to them every day but why do I feel lost instead of being feeling lonely at home? I gained so many things in life but why do I feel whatever I gained is nothing great?

In the same hotel that Abhi checked in Pragya also is there. It’s the room beside to his. Now let’s see what Pragya is thinking. Pragya, Mumbai! A lively city and here I am with no life! What life is this? I always end up being in this situation! Sometime I feel that I should just jump out of all the jinx that my family used to blame on me! I just need to ignore all this and get back to my life! Oh no! This is not my luggage! Whose is this? Let me check first. She opened the luggage that was with no lock and found a diary. Pragya, Diary? Ok let me see whose name is that first so that I can report the person’s luggage to the reception area.

Pragya flipped to the first page of diary…….
To my life……
Pragya, Huh? What is this I thought there will be some name but it is written as To my life…..Now what do I do? It means I have to read the second page now. This is very wrong but what can I do I need to know the person’s name!

By convincing herself she flipped to the second page expecting the name to be found…..
Pragya, Oh my god! This person’s handwriting is haywire! How do I even read and find the name? It’s like noodles!!! Ok slowly Pragya! Just read to find his name….
In the diary:
To my life……

How are u my life? I know u are fine as u are my life! But what to do I have to ask u how are u out of courtesy! My life u know something? Today was a big day! I met her and she even greeted me too! She said I am looking handsome in the black t-shirt! It made my day! But u know one more thing? It seems that she doesn’t like black colour but she complimented my looks! Don’t ask me how I know she don’t like black colour! U know right I am such a clever person who can find about others’ likes and dislikes in few seconds!

Ok bye my life! I wrote firstly about her as u are my new life (he was referring to the new diary). From tomorrow onwards I would write something else.
Bye again! Good night!

Pragya reading that smiled and thought to herself, so it is a boy who wrote firstly about a girl that he met. It seems that he met her before and he is very excited that she complimented his looks. Sounds interesting as he is talking to diary as his life! But until now I don’t know his name! Now what do I do? It’s late at night, I am not sleepy too. Pragya! This is wrong but he is interesting and why not I just read it by tonight and return his belongings the next day. If I am not wrong, I think he is having my belongings and until now he also never realised that his belongings are lost!
Pragya, Ok I will just continue and I want to know did he write something about the girl again!

The next page:
Hi my Life! Today is not that good as yesterday! She never even looked at me today and I am very upset….so bye!
Pragya, Oh so sad! It means he liked her and it hurts him when she never looked at him! Why all boys are like this? Maybe she would have been lost in some thoughts right? But I feel very pathetic for him….He just completed this page with one line……It shows how much disappointed he was but wait now I have a question! Where is all this meetings ah? Pragya! Isn’t this too much? Already u are reading someone’s personal diary and u are even expecting answers for your questions!!!

By thinking that now she sat on her bed and continued to read the diary…..
She was shocked to see the next page when she saw the line written…
It was written as, To my life what I am going to write now will have every single detail that I met her from the day one! This going to be very long as I am writing this during long travel to Mumbai. I hope you don’t get bored! I know u won’t as u are my life! So let’s begin my life in you!
Pragya, It means this is going to be super long! Ok let me make myself comfortable in the bed first. She was now on a lying position and then she continued to read.

To be continued………

I really don’t know how was this! I just wrote this out of some stress! If it’s not nice then I am sorry! Will continue once I am free! Thank u for reading. Not sure what is this ff or SS or Shots? I am not sure too! I will tell u all later!

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