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Sasural Simar Ka 14th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 14th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Simar says to Prem I feel bad too but we don’t have an option. We tried everything. This is the last option we have. Prem says okay you complete the formalities. Simar says okay. Prem says Simar.. Simar says yes? He says nothing. Prem says in heart you are standing with her after so long. I know you will do the best for Anjali.


Shanaya says to Anjali you are being disavowed from the property. Anjali says I don’t care. Shanya says do you ever think where will you afford this make up expense dresses and stuff from? Anjali says dad wont do that for real. Shanaya says what if he does? Anjali says I will beg his pardon.

Khushi asks pyary why are you cleaning? Won’t everyone eat? He says everyone ate already. You were not called. Khushi says I will take

it from kitchen. Pyraya says all the food is over. You can cook yourself. KB says you are servant better stay quite. He says I only take orders from Simar now. Like everyone else. You know what she did with Anjali, she took all the property from her. You better be careful as well. I am your wellwisher that is why telling you.
Simr holds Piyush’s ear and says she is your elder no matter what. Don’t do this again.
Khushi comes to uma and Pari. Khushi says see what I brought for you two. She gives them jewelry. I wanted a little help from you people. You will help me right? uma says we can’t help you. Because again this house is sasural simar ka. pari says Anjali is being kicked out of the property. uma says you want the same to happen with us? KB says so pyary was right. Pari says we don’t need your presents. We can’t mess with Simar now.

Everyone is doing pooja. MAtaji says I am going to do what I should have done way before. Khushi give the keys to Simar. Khushi says because she put sindur in her hairline she will have right to get the keys? MAtaji says you were given that right too. I trusted you and you broke it. You couldn’t keep this family one or couldn’t take care of Anjali. Mataji takes the keys from Khushi and gives it to Simar. I am giving this responsibility to Simar because she isn’t only our daughter in law. SHe is our daughter as well. Matjai says Simar this house and family is now your responsibility again. Make this house a home again.

Simar does the arti. Khsuhi looks at her in anger. Khushi throws away the arti from Simar’s hand. Mataji says what have you done on dashehra. Khushi says she did arti, thats a sin itself. Sankalp slaps Khushi. What do you want to prove? You have insulted mata rani. Khushi says you slapped your wife. Sankalp says I am ashamed to call you my wife. Piyush and simar clean the arti. Piyush says to sImar I will do it. Mataji says I hope God forgives us. Simar says dont cry mataji we didn’t.. Khushi says this is all because of you. Prem says shut up Khushi. Take her from here before I lose my mind. Sankalp locks Khushi in her room. He says you will stay in this room from now on. YOu don’t deserve to be with my family.
Simar continues the arti. she says mataji don’t worry. Everything is okay. See matarani’s blessings are always with us. Simar gives arti to prem. He looks in her eyes and burns his hand with the arti. piyush smiles. Uma says you did arti it made my heart so happy. Pari says really simar I am in tears.
Simar gives arti to Anjali. she says you got what you wanted? To rule this house. Now everyone will do as you ask. Congratulations on this achievement Ms. Simar now Mrs. Simar. But keep one thing in mind, you can’t fool me. DOn’t do this drama in front of me. I am Anjali. You are kicking me out of this property. Prem says she isn’t I am. I didn’t decide it till now but now I do.

Precap-Mataji says karwa chauth is coming. I want you to celebrate it simar. Khushi says I will kick Simar out of this house before Karwa chauth.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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