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Santoshi Maa 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 3rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

The Episode starts with Dhairya coming home and finding it locked. Santoshi comes and says I borrowed stool from neighbors, so I went to return it. He says I got salesman job and Paras gave this advance. She says I wish you prosper a lot. He says I came early so that I can help you in cleaning the house. She opens the door and he sees the house cleaned. He says you are adamant, I got this today. She asks what is it. She sees the temple idol stand and likes it. She says I was going to tell you today.


Bubbly comes and gives sweets. She says you changed the house, have sweets. Dhairya signs Santoshi. Santoshi says she is Bubbly. Dhairya says we can go market if we want something. Santoshi says yes. Bubbly asks shall I come along to help. Santoshi says no, we will manage. Bubbly goes.

Narad smiles and tells Santoshi Maa that Dhairya got job, their life got direction. Santoshi Maa says one who has satisfaction as money, he goes to the place where happiness meets life. Madhu is leaving and Seshnath falls on the car. He tells Madhu that I think you should make me your bodyguard. Madhu asks from whom I have danger. Seshnath acts to scare her. She asks what happened. He says anything can happen, danger does not come by saying, Santoshi and Dhairya can attack you anytime, they will be hating you now. She thinks he is right, once I get Dhairya and Saantoshi, I will teach them a lesson. He asks her to not think. She asks him to sit. He sits in the car. She says sit well, horrible. They leave.

Sharmili’s mum gives her gift for Kuldevi puja. Sharmili asks servant to keep gift in her room and get tea. She asks the lady to sit on other bed. Servant pours tea wrong. Sharmili scolds the servant. Her mum feels odd. Sharmili asks her mum to drink slowly, the tea cup is very costly. Her mum thinks I did not think my daughter will go blind by money. She says I will leave now. Dadi comes. The lady greets her. Dadi says see how money changes the person. The lady leaves.

Seshnath carries the bags. He says I will keep some bags in the car. She says wait, I will first buy potatoes. She buys 10 kgs potatoes. She asks him to keep items in car. She sees Santoshi and Dhairya in market and follows them. She sees their house and says oh, so they are staying here, I have to do something to make them homeless. She coughs and says whats happening to me. She sees inside the house and goes.

Santoshi asks Dhairya to freshen up, then we will do puja. They thank each other. She says we will talk later, and does puja arrangements. He says I have surprise for you, you will sing aarti and I will play music. They do the puja. She sings the aarti. Santoshi Maa smiles. The people around the house hear the aarti. Bubbly and a lady join the aarti. Santoshi gives aarti to Bubbly and the lady. The lady says sorry, I came hearing it, I m Santoshi Maa’s big devotee and want to keep fast, I don’t know procedure. Dhairya thanks Santoshi Maa as Santoshi got her friends. Bubbly says this lady is Sita. Suta says you get Santoshi to my house, I m going to keep fast and invite all neighbourhood. Bubbly says fine.

Gaumata tells Santoshi Maa that Santoshi is guiding another devotee, you bless her. Santoshi Maa says if devotee’s devotion is pure, I will not move back to bless her. Madhu comes home and shouts to Ankur. She asks Seshnath to keep things in kitchen. Ankur asks what happened. Madhu says Dhairya and Santoshi are staying in good house and he got job also. He asks what. She says yes, I have seen their house and got all info. He says just give me their address, I promise I will end their happiness.

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