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Santoshi Maa 14th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 14th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Santoshi saying I will wash utensils instead money. The man says fine, wash all utensils. Dhairya says I will wash utensils, no arguments, you are doing a lot for me. She thinks time changed Dhairya, he is working hard with patience. Santoshi and Dhairya wash utensils. Madhu asks Ujwal to take car back. Madhu taunts Dhairya and Santoshi, and tells Ankur that she is taking revenge this way. Madhu throws the food plate near Santoshi and tells her to clean it. She says this is Dhairya’s place.


Sharmili talks to her dad and says I will call Guddu back, put him in jail and I will patchup with him. Dadi says this is wrong. Sharmili asks what shall I do. Dadi says laws can’t join hearts, it needs love, you talk to Guddu with love, see how soon he comes back.


and Dhairya walk on the road. Paras calls Dhairya. He asks did you talk at Riddhi sales. Dhairya says yes, we had meeting, they said they want commission. Paras says give him all order and pay commission once he sells all units. Dhairya says they want commission in advance. Paras says I have no money, do anything, this deal should happen. Dhairya says fine, I will do something. Dhairya tells Santoshi that he has to arrange money. Santoshi says don’t worry, Santoshi Maa will arrange money. She asks why did he not answer Madhu. He says its not affect. She says good, its brave to not answer. He says when I get money, I will answer them. She asks why did you not make me wash utensils. He says I would have not met your eyes then, its my duty to save wife from problem, not to make wife stand infront of problem. Santoshi smiles seeing him. Mile to tum…..plays…………. They hug.

Narad greets Santoshi Maa and Gaumata. He asks is this true, that relation succeeds in tough time, who thought Dhairya will become so good. Santoshi Maa says situations make one’s good qualities come out.

Daksha steals food and eats. Seshnath asks why is she stealing dry fruits. She says I was just tasting it. He takes the bowl and goes. Bubbly plays with the kids. Dhairya and Santoshi ask how did kids come here. Bubbly says school has sent them, its nearby. Santoshi says we will talk to principal, how can they play with kids’ future.

Principal says we also don’t like to send kids out, there is no light in school, its small school, we can’t keep generator. Santoshi says you can get power by solar panel. She explains and asks him to try once, it will be free from second year. He says give one for trial, I will tell you if I like. She says it will be good. Gaumata calls this Santoshi Maa’s leela. Santoshi Maa says miracles don’t happen, its hardwork which makes the way, its not my Leela, every person gets things according to needs, some use thing and some misuse. Narad asks will this become solution for Santoshi. Santoshi Maa says future will show it, but this will solve their problem for sure.

Dhairya says I did not say anything there, I won’t give panel for trial, they will say they did not like, I m doing business, not social service. The kids come to their house and say principal has sent us, he asked for solar panel. Santoshi says Dhairya is angry, Bubbly you give one box to them, go along with them. Bubbly gives a box and says I will also go. She hugs Santoshi and goes. Santoshi says I m doing anything against Dhairya’s wish, please manage everything Maa.

Ankur plays video game. Madhu says wow, you are playing game, I will also see you winning. She smiles. Ankur takes a rotten apple. Madhu sees that and throws over. His game gets over. He asks what did you do. Madhu says I was saving you from eating bad apple, this is not real game that you are getting angry. He says I m angry, that snake did not do anything, how can Dhairya and Santoshi’s fate be so good. She says relax, Dhairya can’t get over loan, leave it. Ankur says I have office work and leaves. Ujwal asks where did Ankur go. Madhu says he has office work. Ujwal says I have to give you imp news, I think Pratap is trying to kill you, he is not at home now. She gets shocked.

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