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Sahil-Anika’s spy talent to impress Shivay in Ishqbaaz

Shivay comes back to point zero. Omkara feels Tej and Shakti and washing their sins in Vaishno Devi. He tells about his doubt on Tej. Rudra argues with Omkara. Shivay reminds them, one for all and all for one. Shivay says we have to take a stand for our dads. Anika suggests them to get new lead from CD. She praises herself for finding poster.


Anika says that girl would be alive, if she was alive till last month. Shivay asks how to find the girl. Rudra says we will find poster and then its location, to find the girl. Everyone praise Rudra for a wise suggestion. Rudra gives his sharpness credit to Rudra. Anika is sure that Sahil will give the idea, he is very sharp and genius. She calls Sahil and keeps on speaker. Sahil calls Shivay as Bagad Billa. Anika asks him to talk well, as he is on speaker. She takes Sahil’s help. Everyone laugh hearing Sahi’s version. Sahil imagines Soumya hearing her name. The cutie kid’s scene gets hilarious.

Sahil thinks to help Anika infront of Soumya and become hero. Anika asks him to check poster and say its location. Sahil checks it and identifies the poster. Sahil calls Shivay as Tadibaaz. Omkara and Rudra like Shivay’s new nickname. Sahil says the area can’t be known. Shivay jokes on Anika’s belief on Sahil. Sahil finds some clue below the poster. Sahil gets praised. Sahil asks Shivay about him and Anika. Shivay agrees to believe Sahi’s intelligence. Sahil starts knowing Soumya’s likes. Anika disconnects. Omkara says he knows the place, but there are many dance classes.

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