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Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi’s Destiny Season 3 Part 3

 ” 10 years Kumari, ever since Gopi behen’s death, Ive been living with the Modis. They never cared about my marriage and they have ruined my life once again. Umang and Tripti ruined my life in my previous birth by betraying me. 10 years ago, Sindoora and Abir ruined my life in this birth. The Modis did not care for me at all at both times.” Radha cries.  
” Don’t cry Radha. I understand your pain. We both have suffered because of the Modis.” Kumari says. 
” You are right. Radha Modi is back now and I will make the Modis cry this time. This time, I will destroy their family. I made Kokila Modi beg to me on the floor and I made her rub her nose on the ground. I made Meera live a life as an orphan for 8 years. I faked Kokila’s death and my own death and I returned as Kaushika. Because of me, Gopi was blamed for the crime and she was sent to jail. I am Radha and I will bring a tufan in the Modi’s life. Who will save them now that Kokila and Gopi are gone?” Radha laughs.  
” And this time Radha, you wont lose because us three are together.” Viren says. 

” I have never met you Viren. Ahem Jiju had a son with Anita? This is unbelievable.” Radha says. 
” I never knew that I had three sisters, Sindoora, Meera and Vidya. My father left my mother for Gopi Modi. You are lucky Radha that you the Modi’s enemy, otherwise I would kill you for being Gopi’s sister. I hate Gopi because of her, my mother’s life was destroyed. As for Sindoora, she is Gopi’s daughter but she was an enemy of Gopi and I respect Sindoora for her efforts to kill Ahem and Gopi. Gopi is already dead but now I will get my revenge on Ahem Modi. What is Ahem Modi’s wife’s name?” Viren says. 
” Ambika, Gopi’s duplicate. She helped Sindoora, she used to be an enemy. Kumari, do you think Ambika would help us?” Radha says. 
” I don’t think she will help us. I think Ambika will always support Rashi. They grew up as sisters and you should know that Radha as you also grew up with them. Sindoora is dead and soon Ambika will become good. Ambika and Rashi might be enemies but we can never destroy their relationship.” Kumari says.  
” Meera and Vidya, whose life I will ruin. Radha, I need you to do this favour. Meera is single and I want you to somehow bring Meera and Shravan together- cause misunderstandings. Ahem Modi will see his own daughters fight in his own house.” Viren says.  


” There will be no wedding functions, I agreed to only have the main wedding ritual tomorrow. From tomorrow, the Modis will have two enemies in their house.” Kumari laughs, Radha gives her high five. They both laugh. Vamp tune.  
In Anjali (Anita Hassandi) and Khushi’s in laws house, both cousins are shown in the kitchen. ” Khushi, its been 10 years and our lives changed so much since then. Its weird how its been so long. I used to hate you and Maa died 10 years ago. Maa found out the truth that Gopi never gave away her. I wish Sindoora Maa never died. ” Anjali cries. Khushi wipes her tears.  
” Don’t cry, you should be happy that aunty died after knowing Gopi Dadi was innocent. Both mother and daughter were united before they died.” Khushi says. 
” They are in a better place. They must be talking to each other right now and spending time together that they never spent on this world. They must be watching us, finally our lives are at peace.” Anjali says. Shagun enters the kitchen. 
” Uff the food isnt ready yet. Can you girls stop talking and be quick?” Laughs Shagun.  
” If it doesn’t taste nice saasumaa, don’t blame me.” Laughs Shagun. The doorbell rings.  
” That must be the children.” Shagun says. Shagun opens the door and two boys and two girls enter the house.  
” Dadi!” They all scream and hug her. Anjali had two sons called Rohit and Prem- Om was 7 years old and Prem was 9 years old. Khushi had two daughters called Lakshmi and Kangana.  Lakshmi was 9 years old and Kangana was 6 years old.  

” Badmaarsh bachu.” Shagun laughs. ” Your fathers have gone abroad for a business trip and do not trouble your mothers today. Khushi and Anjali are very busy today. Go and fresh up and I will bring food on the dining table.” Shagun says. The children go. Shruti enters the house from her in laws. 
” Maa, I am here from in my laws. I was missing you all so much.” Shruti says, Shagun hugs her. 
” Is son in law ok? Is everyone fine in your in laws?” Shagun asks. 
” Yes everything is fine. My sister in law is getting married and everyone is busy with her wedding. I wanted to come here for a bit. My sister in law came with me, she is arriving here soon. She was abroad for a few years.” Shruti says. A woman enters the house and it is none other than Kumari. Vamp tune plays.  
” Jaise krishna.” Kumari says to Shagun. 
” Jaise Krishna.” Shagun says. ” What is your name betiya?” 
” Kumari, I wasn’t at Shruti’s wedding last year as I have been abroad. I am a business woman.” Kumari says.  
” Oh interesting. I heard you are getting married. Who are the groom’s family?” Shagun asks. 
” The Modis, Ajay Modi, Naiya Modi’s grandson.” Kumari says. Shagun gets happy. 
” Oh we know the Modis very well. My own daughter in laws are from the Modi family.” Shagun says. 
” Oh really?” Kumari says. 

” Yes. I will call them now.” Shagun says, she calls Anjali and Khsuhi. They arrive. 
” Jaise Krishna.” Kumari says. 
” Jaise Krishna.” Khushi and Anjali say.  
” Anjali, Khushi, meet your new sister in law. She is going to become Ajay’s wife and Naiya’s granddaughter in law.” Shagun says. Khushi and Anjali get happy. 
” You are so beautiful. You are perfect for Ajay.” Anjali says. 
” Yes I know I am gorgeous. I am unique.” Kumari arrogantly says. All three talk.  
In the Modi mansion, Aliya(Shweta Tiwari) enters. Ambika sees her. ” Maa, why are you here? I promised I would call you.” Ambika scolds Aliya. 
” No I came here because you put the phone down. Your in laws make you do so much work. Chee.” Aliya says. 
” Shush, or Kagdi number 2 will come and hear us and get angry.” Ambika says. 
” Kadgi number 2?” Aliya says. 
” Naiya aunty, Kokila Dadi number 2.” Ambika says. Naiya comes. Kokila tune plays.  
” Aliya, you are here, why?” Naiya says.  
” I just came to meet my daughter Ambika.” Aliya says. 
” Aliya, why do find that you always come here? Why do you always come to your daughter’s in laws? You always be on the phone with Ambika. If you are here, sit down. You are our guest. Ambika, sit with your mother.” Naiya says. Naiya walks off.  

” Your grandmother in law Sona is like an angel but this Kadgi is like a tigress. She is Kokila’s shadow. I heard she is getting a new bahu in this house for her grandson?” Aliya asks.  
” Yes, a very rich woman called Kumari is to get married to Ajay.” Ambika says.  
” Remember to ask for her jewelry. Imagine how much money they cost?” Aliya gets excited.  
” Mummy, I am not poor that I will beg that Kumari. Anyways, I am angry at the fact that I will have another sister in law in this house to trouble me. That Rashi always gets praises and I always get taunted.” Ambika says. 
” That Rashi, stupid orphan. If she wasn’t my dead husband’s daughter from another woman, I would of never brought up Rashi in my house.” Aliya says. 
” Mummy, shush. Someone will hear.” Ambika scolds.  
” Ok ok. Tomorrow is the wedding. We need to do something to get Rashi in trouble and you get praised.” Aliya says.  
” Mummy, what if I get caught?” Ambika says. 
” My kalakari never fails. My master plan will succeed. You watch Rashi cry tomorrow.” Aliya says. 
” True, true, my mother is the best in the world.” Mother and daughter laugh. Rashi arrives. 
” Jaise krishna maa.” Rashi says. 
” Jaise krishna. Make me and Ambika tea. We have been waiting for so long. Couldn’t you come earlier? Now go!” Aliya shouts. Aliya and Ambika laugh whilst Rashi cries. Rashi remembers when she and Urmilla used to trouble Gopi the same way. Rashi thinks that she misses Gopi so much. 
Precap- Ambika puts a lot of salt and spices in the food. Kumari’s grandmother eats the food and has a heart attack. Naiya slaps Rashi and locks her in her room. Ambika and Aliya smirk.

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