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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th October 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.


The Episode starts with Jaggi talking to Veeru and asking who gave him this work. Veeru puts clay on his nose. Sona comes there and reminds Veeru that he has to do homework and also Jai’s home work as he is unwell. Gopi comes and asks him to agree to his mum being a good boy. Jaggi thinks Gopi is scolding him instead and asks him to scold him if she wants. Gopi says you are thinking me wrong and says I want to apologize to you for that day. Jaggi asks her not to do time pass and says whoever wants to apologize, just apologize and don’t wait for a chance or moment. Gopi looks on. Dharam thinks to call Meera and ask where she is hiding? Meera comes home and is scared. Dharam sees her and goes towards her calling her name. Before he could say anything, she cups his face and kisses on his cheeks apologizes to him. Dharam is confused. She goes shyly.

Parag tells Kokila that he wants to talk to you. Kokila says whatever you want to tell me, talk infront of Urvashi. She says our lives are connected now. Meera tells Vidya that Dharam was surprised when she kissed him. Vidya says now his anger has gone. Meera says I don’t have any option that time, if I wouldn’t have kissed him, he would have slapped me. Vidya says papa will never slap you. She tells that Maa. Meera asks what happened? Vidya tells her that Jaggi filled her maang and tells the temple incident. Meera says we shall talk to her. Vidya gets Urmila’s call and she informs them that Jaggi’s DNA matches with that of Parag’s DNA. A fb is shown. Urmila says don’t know how his DNA matched. Vidya says Maa must have done something. Urmila says okay and cuts the call.

Parag tells Urvashi that he wants to talk to Jaggi. Parag says we have to digest this truth. Kokila says I thought Urvashi’s chapter is ended. He says you know everything before marriage. Kokila says you told me about Urvashi, but didn’t tell me that she was pregnant with your child. She says if I had known this truth then I would never had married you, and helped Urvashi get her rights. Parag says even I was unaware of the truth else I wouldn’t have married you. Kokila says Jaggi is your son, and I am equally guilty. He says God has given us a chance to rectify our mistake. He says your blood came to protect us in this house, and tells him to tell the truth to Jaggi that he is her father. Jaggi hears her and is shocked. Gopi and Urmila also hears them. Urmila is shocked to hear the truth. Jaggi asks if you are my father? Parag says yes. Urvashi tries to stop him, but he leaves. Kokila says this is not right. Jaggi shall not have known this truth this way. Urvashi says I know where did he go.

Pramila curses Modi family for sending Krishna to jail. Krishna comes home, hugs his mum and says he is fine. Pramila gives him water. Mansi says he got bail with much difficulty. Pramila asks him to take rest for sometime, and says she will not take rest and will kill jaggi. Krishna asks her not to do anything, and asks Pramila to bring medicines. Mansi says no, and says she will put full stop on his chapter. Krishna and Pramila take her to room and lock her. Pramila says don’t know what happens to her suddenly.

Everyone gather at Jaggi’s house. Urvashi asks Jaggi to open the door. Gopi asks Jaggi to open the door. Urmila asks him to open the door then. Kokila asks Jaggi not to be stubborn like kids, and says listen to us first then take a decision. Gopi says problem will not be solved this way, asks him to talk to Parag. Urvashi says what to do now. Kokila asks Parag to talk to Jaggi. Parag knocks on the door asking him to open the door. Jaggi opens the door and pushes Parag. He asks him not to think to step inside, and says this is my house. Don’t try to step inside. Parag says when truth comes out infront of you then. Urvashi asks Jaggi why he is behaving badly. Jaggi tells his friends that Parag is his father. He tells that he was bullied in his childhood. He tells that he is the man who left me and my mum before I was born. He says my mum worked hard and did double work of both parents.

Parag apologizes to him and says I did a big mistake, now I have come to return your rights. Jaggi says I am not your son and picks a rod to hit him, but Gopi holds it. Urvashi scolds him. Gopi asks are you in your senses, and asks him to leave the rod. She says your anger is justified, but relations don’t end like this, and says truth is that he is your father. Jaggi says if he is my father? Gopi says he is an old man, and you are misbehaving with him. Jaggi says I don’t want him. He says we have suffered a lot because of him. Gopi says truth is that you are his son and will always be. Jaggi says my mum never took anyone charity money, and says he don’t want anything. He goes inside the house. Urvashi sits tensedly. Urmila gives her strength. Kokila tells Urvashi that they all are with her. Gopi says we have to give time to Jaggi, asks her not to cry and says everything will be fine in some days.

Jaggi is standing in the temple. Mansi points gun at him from far. Gopi comes to temple.

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