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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Kokila goes to Urvashi’s house. Urvashi asks if she is ready to fulfill her promise. Kokila says Gopi is most important to her and she will do anyting for her. She will get the respect Urvashi deserves in Modi bhavan. She takes Urvashi to Modi bhavan.


Jaggi is sound asleep in his room. Gopi passes by, sees windows open and cool air gushing into room, so she closed windows and draws curtains and leaves smiling, looking at sleeping Jagggi.

Dharam angrily holds Ritesh’s collar and warns him to get out of his house. Ritesh says he will not go until Meera tells him. Meera comes and shouts at Dharam to leave Ritesh. Dharam asks her to tell Ritesh to get out of his house. Meera says Ritesh will not go until Naiya’s marriage. Dharam angrily leaves. Vidya says Ritesh ji. Ritesh says he is fine.

Whole Modi family gathers for pooja. Kokila performs pooja with Urvashi and tells family that Urvashi will stay with them in Modi bhavan. Urmila says it is good, Jaggi will not leave Modi bahvan now. Once everyone walk out, Urvashi says she wants to Jaggi to get respect and rights as Parag’s son. Gopi hears that and realizes Jaggi is Ahem’s step brother.

Dharam comes to room and confronts Meera. Argument starts. Dharam says Meera wants to stay with young peope now, so she wants to get rid of him and wants Ritesh here. Meera slaps him, acts and silently runs from there. Dharam stands fuming.

Gopi starts emotional talks with Kokila. She asks how could she tolerate papaji having another woman in his life. Kokila says Parag used to love Urvashi before marrying her. When family fixed marriage with her, Parag had to choose between her and Urvashi, so he chose her and vandalised Urvashi, by then Urvashi had become pregnant. Gopi repeats again that means, Jaggi is Ahem’s step brother.

Precap: Urmila asks Gopi to speak to Jaggi once and clear misunderstanding. Gopi says why should she, she will not. Urmila then informs Kokila that Gopi is getting attracted to Jaggi, she was in his room closing window and correct curtains, what does that mean.

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