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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Chanda talks to Meera. Vidya talks to the Doctor and asks her not to tell anything to Dharam or Shravan as Meera is excited about the baby. Doctor agrees. Urmila is angry on Jaggi. Jaggi says Gopika wants me to marry. Urmila thinks she has to do something. Meera comes to Chanda’s room and asks why did you sleep without AC, and asks her to switch on AC. Chanda asks what? Meera explains to her to switch on AC. Meera brings breakfast for Chanda and asks her to eat it. Chanda says it is of two days food, and asks if you want me to die because of over acting. Meera looks upset. Chanda says she is joking. Meera says it is okay. Kokila tells Gopi that they shall leave now and buy the stuff. Gopi asks Urmila if she is also coming. Urmila says she is having headache and asks them to go.


Jaggi asks Gopi to come with him as he wants to buy gift for his to be wife. Gopi says she is going with Kokila. Urvashi tells that girl and her parents would be coming in sometime. Jaggi says he don’t want to see the girl. Urvashi agrees to go with him. Urmila tells that girl and her parents will come at 2 pm instead of 12 noon. Kokila asks Gopi to go with Urvashi and Jaggi. Kokila goes to market. Jaggi, Gopi and Urvashi leave.

Urmila gets happy and asks Pari to get ready as girl and her parents will come. Girl and her parents come to Modi house at 12. Pari thinks Urmila is doing some kalakari. Girl’s father asks Urmila where is Jaggi and Urvashi. Urmila tells her that Urvashi went to free Jaggi and tells them that Jaggi did gamble, and drinks wine, and even visits Chameli and have goons as his friends. Girl and her parents get furious and are about to leave. Urmila sees Kokila and others coming back home, and wonders what to do?

Urmila asks them to go from back door before Urvashi or others see her. Girl’s mum tells that they will give earful to Urvashi. Urmila asks them not to spoil their mood inorder to talk to her, and tells that Urvashi is happy and might give shagun to the girl. Girl tells her parents that they shall leave. Urmila gets happy and tells Pari that whatever she is doing is for her benefit. Pari wonders how and goes. Gopi asks if someone came here. Pari says her friends came here. She then comes back to Urmila and asks about her benefit. Urmila tells her that Girl and her mum was very clever, and that’s why she made them leave. She tells if she becomes your jethani then she will rule on you and will make you retire unlike Gopi who agrees to your saying. Pari believes Urmila and gets glad. Urvashi says she will call girl’s family. Urmila says they came and left too.

Urvashi asks why didn’t they stay? Urmila says you people are lucky to be saved from the Girl Seema, and tells that they got scared seeing their behavior. Gopi asks why did Pari lie then? Urmila tells that they were strange. Pari says they were behaving as if they were from IT dept and asks about home and Jaggi’s bank balance. Urmila tells that Seema is shameless. She tells she told Seema about Jaggi’s good qualities for which she replied that she don’t want that kind of a husband. Urvashi is tensed hearing her. Urmila tells that Seema plays rummy in kitty party. Urvashi is shocked. Urmila tells that Seema is having aids. Urvashi says I won’t leave them and thanks Urmila for saving Jaggi’s life. Pari and Urmila sign each other. Gopi is tensed. Kokila hears all.

Kokila tells Urvashi that there is no problem with Jaggi or Seema, and that Urmila is the one who created a false story to stop the alliance.

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