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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Meera comes to the surrogate mother’s house and tells that she don’t follow the rules and wanted to meet her. She asks can I come inside? Chanda lets her inside. Meera asks why you are doing this work. Chanda says I am not doing anything work, it will benefit a couple. She tells that she does kanha puja. Meera asks if she eats food on time. Chanda says she don’t have food on time, and drinks water sometimes when she is hungry. Meera is shocked. She asks Chanda to come and stay with her in her house. Chanda is surprised. Meera says it is my responsibility to think about you as you will be keeping my baby in your womb. Chanda gets touched by her gesture and tells that her own parents haven’t thought about her. Meera asks her to celebrate Diwali with her at her house.



asks Urmila what happened? Urmila says you said that you will help Urvashi in finding girl for Jaggi. Gopi says she requested me and I agreed. Urmila asks did you ask Jaggi, what does he wants? Gopi asks what is wrong if Urvashi wants him to marry. Urmila says what about Jaggi’s wish. She says I thought you will understand his confusion. Urvashi comes and asks Urmila if his loves ones shall not make him understand. She says Jaggi didn’t know what to do in life and it is our duty to make him understand. She asks Gopi to show girls pic to Jaggi and then she will get him engaged. Urmila thinks Jaggi loves Gopi and she is going to show girls pic to him.

Vidya tells Dharam that Meera went to Surrogate mother’s house. Meera comes and says surprise. She asks Chanda to come inside. Dharam asks who is she? Meera says she is Chanda, and says she will give birth to our baby, she will stay here with us. Chanda is skeptical. Meera asks Chanda to think home as hers. Gopi gives besan laddo to Jaggi. Gopi asks Jai and Veeru to help her. Jai and Veeru run away. Gopi asks Jaggi, if he is not feeling need of a life partner? Jaggi says I am not alone, my mum is with me. Gopi asks him about life partner. Jaggi gets lost while she talks….Jiya Dhadak Jaaye plays………………He says everyone needs a life partner.

Gopi gets glad and asks him to see the girls and select one. Jaggi asks what is this joke? He tells that he don’t want to marry and says no means no. Gopi says we are thinking about your betterment. Jaggi says I will decide, and not you. Gopi asks him to see once. Jaggi tears the pics without seeing and throws it. Gopi looks on and stops him asking him the reason for his refusal. Jaggi tells everyone that Gopika wants him to marry. Gopi says even everyone wants the same. Jaggi asks her to talk about her wish. Gopi says yes, even I want this. Jaggi says so I will marry and asks Urvashi to get happy. He says I am ready to marry , but I have just one condition. He says only you will choose girl for me, and nobody else….I will marry her. Urvashi tells Gopi that Jaggi will never refuse her sayings. Gopi says he seems to be upset though. Urvashi says he will be alright.

Meera asks Chanda to come inside. Chanda looks at the house, and says if this is a house or palace. She slips intentionally. Meera asks her to be careful and asks servant to cover the area with carpet. She asks Chanda to have food with them. Vidya asks Chanda to come and have food. Chanda looks at the food and says it is month’s food for us. Meera asks her to eat whatever she wants. Chanda eats the food and asks Vidya to give hanky so that she can pack dhokla to eat later. Meera smiles and says she will send her those things. Chanda coughs. Meera gets tensed for her and asks Dharam to call Doctor. Vidya asks her not to panic. Meera says I have to be careful. Dharam looks on.

Gopi selects a girl and shows pic to Jaggi, while he is busy staring roti. Gopi asks why you are doing this? Jaggi asks her to eat almonds and asks why you are showing pic to me, I will marry the chosen girl by you. Urvashi tells Gopi that they shall call the girl tomorrow, and give shagun if everything goes well. Urmila thinks don’t know what happened to Jaggi, and thinks to talk to him.

Urmila badmouths about Jaggi infront of girl and her parents. Girl tells her parents that they shall leave from there. Urmila and Pari are shocked seeing someone coming.

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