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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Pari shows Kokila a video where Urvashi silently enters Kokila’s room and hides Jaggi’s gift box for Gopi under Kokila’s bed. Kokila asks what is all this. Pari says she saw Urashi suspiciously entering room, so she recorded this video. She thinks she will enjoy sautans fight. Kokila angrily goes to Urvashi’s room and shouts how dare she is to stoop so low and shows video footage. Urvashi says she did not get her love and she does not want evven her son suffer without life, so she does not want Gopi in Jaggi’s life. Kokila says even she thinks same. Urvashi says she is worried Gopi will fall for Jaggi. Kokila shouts her Gopi loves only Ahem and will not think of anyone else. Urvashi says if she did not see how Jaggi friends everyone, even Gopi


will fall for him. Kokila says they should not let that happen.

Meera excitedly tellls Dharam that her would child would be having both their qualities and thanks him for agreeing for surrogacy.

Jaggi sits on living room sofa enjoying fruit and praises Sona for drawing beautiful rangoli. Urmila thanks Jaggi for bringing diwali gifts for everyone. Gopi enters wearing Jaggi’s gifted sari. Jaggi gets mesmerized seeing her beauty and stands staring her. Whole family notices Gopi. Kokila gets jealous that Urvashi was right, Jaggi can befriend anyone. Urvashi reminisces giving Gopi some moral gyaan and making her agree to wear Jaggi’s gifted sari.

Shravan and Vidya walk down thinking of getting gold chain for Meera and Naiya. They see Meera drawing rangoli. Vidya asks if she drew it alone, she would have called her. Meera says she is very happy that everything is going well.

Gopi sees Jai and Veeru trying to prepare clay house unsuccessfully and teaches them that house base should be strong to build a house and teaches them building clay house.

Meera walks down holdings many gift boxes. Vidya asks where is she going. Meera says se is going to meet surrogate mother. She calls nurse and takes lady’s address. Nurse requests her not to tel that she gave her address. Vidya asks why she is spending so much. Meera says nothing will happen, she is very excited to meet her baby’s surrogate mother, he name is Chanda.

Urvashi comes to Jaggi’s room and sees him engrasped in thought. She thinks he must be thinking about Gopi and she should stop him. She goes to Gopi and requests her to convince Jaggi to agree for marriage as he runs away hearing about marriage. Gopi says she will make him agree. Urmila hears their conversation from a distance.

Precap: Gopi asks Jaggi if he does not feel he needs someone with whom he thinks of sharing his thoughts. He says his mom is there for him. Gopi says apart from parents, there should be someone with whom he wants to spend rest of his life and share his feelings. Jagggi says who would not like a partner like that. Gopi smiles.

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