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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Dharam sitting in a dark room reminisces playing with kid Shravan and then Priyal and feels Meera is right, he need to have a child again. Meera comes and pampers him and he says she is right, let us have a baby.

Gopi searches Jaggi at home and asks Urmila if she saw Jaggi. Urmila asks why is she searching Jaggi.

Meera gets a call from hospital and she stands dumbstruck. Family asks what happened. Meera says they found a surrogate mother. Dharam says let us go to hospital right now. Meera says after some time and emotionally says after 9 month, she will have her own baby.

Jaggi comes home holding gifts. Jai and Veeru say bade papa came with so many gifts. Jaggi says he brought diwali gift for everyone and gives it to everyone. Kokila gets emtional that

even Ahem used to bring diwali gifts for whole family. Jaggi walks up towards Gopi’s room and keeps gift unde her pillow. Pari comes and asks what is he doing. He says he is keeping Gopi’s diwali gift. Urmila calls him to come and have malai lassi. Jaggi leaves. Urvashi hears his conversation and silently enters and picks gift and walks into Kokila’s room. Gopi comes there and asks what is she doing. Urvashi silently throws gift box under bed and says she came to meet Kokila. Urmila calls Gopi and says they have to make diwali sweeet and snack list.

Jaggi searches gift box in whole house and asks Urvashi if she saw Gopi’s gift. Uvashi says she did not. Jaggi then goes to Kokila’s room and asks Kokila if she saw gift he bought for Gopi. Kokila is with Urmila and Gopi planning Diwali preparations and says she does not know. Urmila feels something under her feet and picks giftbox and asks what is this. Jaggi asks why did she hide gift box. Kokila says she does not know anything. Urmila says she ust have done it. Koikila says she is with her since so many years, if she does not know her nature. Urmila says she even knows that she can go to any extent to get her work done. Jaggi says Urmila is right. Gopi shouts if maaji is telling she did not, then she did not. She snatches gift box from Jaggi’s hand and it falls on floor and opens up. She sees beautiful green sari in it and throws gift box out. Everyone are shocked to see this.

Meera brings diwali gift for whole family. She then tells them that surrogacy mother’s tests came back positive and she is fit to bear a child. Everyone say it is a good news. Meera says soon Priyal will have someone to play with her. Dharam sees her happy and smiles.

Kokila prays god that Jaggi unnecessarily blamed her. Pari comes and shows her video footage of Urvashi stealing gift box and throwing it under Kokila’s bed.

Precap: Kokila shouts at Urvashi that she could not even think in dreams that she could do this and shows video footage of Urvashi hiding sari under Kokila’s bed.

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