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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Gopi asks Urvashi if she needs pomogranate. Jaggi says yes, she should bring. Urvashi asks Gopi to go and rest. Kokila brings antipyretic for Urvashi and asks he to have it. Urvashi says yes. Kokila looks at Jaggi and leaves. Urvashi smirks and says she and Kokila will keep Jaggi and Gopi away.


Dharam asks Meera to stop crying and have something. She does not utter anything and continues crying. He goes down to living room. Vidya asks if didi say something. He says she is just crying and did not speak. Vidya gives him snacks for Meera. Meera eats bottle of sleeping pills and falls on floor unconscious. Dharam knocks Meera’s door. Shravan asks what happened. Dharam says door must be jammed. They both break open door and see Meera on floor with sleeping

pills all around. Shravan says they should make her vomit and take her to bathroom. Vidya calls doctor.

Gopi prays god that tomorrow is Kokila and Parag’s 50th wedding anniversary and she wants to make the event special. Urvashi hears her prayers. She goes to her room and cries that 50 years passed away and she could not forget the event, her life is ruined and she will not let Jaggi’s life to be ruined, she will not let him waste his life behind Gopi.

Doc flushes out sleeping pills from Meera’s body. Meera cries that her life is incomplete without children. Dharam says they will take care of each other Meera shouts that his life is complete with 2 wives, 2 children, 1 grandchild, but what about her. She continues crying and shouting.

Urvashi tells Gopi that when Parag and Kokila’s marriage happened, she did not create any issue and even now she does not want to, so Gopi should send her and Jaggi out of house tomorrow with some reason. Gopi says she will do something. She goes to Jaggi and suggests him to take Urvashi to some special temple tomorrow to pray for Urvashi’s good health. Jaggi says then she should come along. She gets tensed that her lie is backfiring her. She says he should take her as she has some work at home. He agrees. She feels guilty for lying. In the morning, she tells Parag that she will prepare halwa. He says whatever she feels right. Urmila asks what is special. Gopi says today is papaji and maaji’s 50th anniversary and she wants to celebrate it. Urmila asks is it right to celebrate in this tensed situation. Gopi says nothing wrong will happen.

Gopi gathers whole family and performs pooja. She then wishes Kokila and Parag happy 50th marriage annivesary and touches their feet. She serves prasad. Jaggi comes and says even he needs prasad. Urvashi standing aside thinks she had to inform Jaggi so that he can create an issue. Jaggi says even he wants to part of celebration and asks Tolu to bring timer camera for a family selfie. Kokila makes Urvashi stand next to Parag during family selfie.

Gopi then takes food to Jaggi’s room and says he must be angry. He is not at all, everyone should celebrate 50th anniversary. He then says he knows she must have lied so that he and Urvashi should not feel bad, but he is happy instead.

Precap: Jaggi shows Gopi family photoframe which he got clicked recently. Gopi asks if he mixed pills. He says forget it and look at photo. She asks if he did or not. He says yes. She angrily breaks photoframe.

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