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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Nayya asks Ritika to keep the bag safely. Ritika assures her. Pandit asks Nayya and her Prakashto stand for garland ceremony. They exchange garlands. Pandit asks groom’s sister to step forward and do the ghatbandhan. Pandit asks Dharam and Meera to do kanyadaan. They sit and do the kanyadaan. Nayya and Prakashtake rounds. Prakashfills her maang with vermillion and makes her wear mangalsultra. Vidya hugs Nayya. Nayya asks her if she got her stuff ready. Vidya asks the guests to have food. Meera tells Vidya that she will inform Samar and Sahil that she is coming with them. Vidya says it is not needed and asks her to wait. She tells Dharam that she has surprise for them. She shows video on the Projector.


Everyone see Nayya giving money to Ritika. Ritika appreciates her for getting

10 lakhs in a day. She asks what did you do this? Nayya says she waited for this day, and says she wanted to take revenge from Vidya. Ritika says your revenge was taken when you got Meera’s miscarriage done. Nayya says yes, I did this, I thought Vidya will be kicked out of house, but she continued to stay here. I have separated the sisters. Now I have separated Papa and Meera, and my revenge is fulfilled today in true means. She says I got Meera’s report made with your help, stating that Meera can’t be pregnant again. Meera cries badly.

Dharam and Shravan are shocked. Vidya tells Nayya that everyone is mourning today because of today, and tells that she has to do this to take out her truth. A fb is shown, Vidya giving kamar band to Nayya asking her to wear it. fb ends. Nayya tries to speak. Meera asks her to shut up and asks what she got by killing her child. She curses her from her heart. Vidya consoles Meera. Dharam looks on shocked too. Nayya asks Dharam to listen to her once.

Dharam asks her to stay far from him and says you can’t be my daughter, else you wouldn’t have done this. He says that baby had same blood as you. He slaps you and says he is ashamed to have given her birth. Nayya asks him not to say this. Dharam says I was crying thinking you will go from here, it is good that you are going. How can you be so cruel? whatever happened with you was your destiny, but you have changed our destiny.

Nayya says you all have given me good gift today on my wedding and accuses Dharam for her doings. She tells him that she has hatred for him and with all the relations. She blames Meera for her mum’s death and says my baaji is in jail. She accuses Shravan for killing her husband and tells Vidya that she hadn’t given her child to her. Dharam asks Prakashto take Nayya and leave. Nayya tells him that she don’t want to stay here and breaks relation with them. Vidya says she will do her bidaai and holds her hand. Nayya threatens her and leaves from the house. Meera is shattered and cries. Pari tells that they will leave. Meera cries hugging Vidya.

Gopi couldn’t believe that Nayya has harmed Meera. Kokila is also upset. Jaggi says Meera and Dharam’s love have won. Urmila says you said right. Gopi says their love will never end. Jaggi says it is their true lover. Gopi goes to pray to Kanha ji. She thanks Kanha ji for making everything fine in Meera’s life. She thanks God. Jaggi thinks Gopi is selfless and prays for everyone. He thinks to fill her life with happiness.

While everyone is having food. Jaggi asks Urvashi why she is silent. Urvashi says she is having fever. Just then Gopi sees Onion falling from Urvashi’s hand.

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