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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Jaggi tells Urmila that he is having karvahauth fast for Gopi Urmila says he should not as Kokila will not approve their relationship.


At Dharam’s house, Vidya and Meera select saris for Naiya’s marriage functions. Meera asks Vidya not to get afraid of heavy saris. Naiya watches standing near door and sees their mobiles on bed. She goes to living room and looking at crackers kept on table thinks she is entitled to burn her marriage crackers first.

Urmila goes to Urvashi’s room who shows girls’ pics and says she wants Jaggi married, but he does not select any girl at all. Urmila says she can get even a 90-year-old person married, she will convince Jaggi.

Meera and Vidya are still busy selecting saris when they hear crackering bursting

in home. They run out and see sofa burning with crackers. Meera yellls wedding planner is too careless. Naiya silently goes and picks Meera and Vidya’s mobiles.

Mona tells Pari that she is very hungry. Pari says even she is hungry. Mona says she is entertainment hungry and is excited to see drama during karva chauth fast breaking as Urvashi has also kept fast for Parag and now when both Kokila and Urvashi will try to break fasting seeing Parag, there will be a big drama.

Naiya calls Ritesh from Meera’s mobile and invites him for dinner. Ritesh thinks if Meera and Dharam fought again and calls Vidya. Naiya rejects call and SMSes that everything is fine, he can come for dinner tonight. Ritesh relaxes. Naiya hears Meera and Vidya coming back, hides mobiles under her dupatta and silently leaves from backdoor.

Jaggi sees Gopi sitting on sofa and scribbling something and starts starting her. Gopi asks what happened to him. He says nothing. Urmila brings girls’ photoes and asks Jaggi to select one for his marriage. She praises girls’ beauty. He says he does not want to see. Mona gives lassi to him and he says he is not hungry. Mona asks why. Urmila says he stuffed 10 theplas just some time ago and asks Jaggi to select a girl soon. Jagggi says he has seen his married friends’ condition, earlier wife treats husband like god and then make him dog, he does not want to fall in this trap. Kokila sees Urvashi sad and says she can understand her situatio and consoles her.

At night, Modi family waits on terrace to sight moon and breakfast fast. Sona asks Jaggi to taste sweet. He says he will have sour firs tand then sweets. Parag asks Kokila if she is fasting. She says she is as an old habit. Moon is sighted. Mona, Sona, and Pari look at moon and then their husbands and break fast. Kokila brings Urvashi and tells Parag that he has to break Urvashi’s fast. Urvashi does ritual. Koila orders Parag to feed water to Urvashi and he obeys. Mona jokes with Pari that this looks like a filmy drama. Jaggi fumes that his mom fasted for the man who betrayed her and the woman he is fasting for has not come on terrace at all. Gopi is seen looking at moon from her moon.

Precap: Urmila tells Kokila about Jaggi’s love for Gopi. Kokilaa says this will not happen. Urmila says she will help Jaggi get his love. Kokila says if Gopi does not agree, she will not let this happen.

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