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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Jaggi brings vacuum cleaner to Gopi’s room and tries to start it unsuccessfully. Gopi switcheson vacuum cleaner. It sucks Gopi’s dupatta. Jaggi tries to stop cleaner and switches it off at least. He then tries to pull dupatta from vacuum pipe. They both slip and fall on bed. Their eyes lock. Serial’s title song…plays in the background. Gopi asks him to get up now.


Modi family then discuss about karvachauth sargi/food. Kokila gives sargi to Pari and blesses her. Urmila says who will send sargi to Vidya and Meera. Mona says Meera will give sargi to Vidya as she is Vidya’s mother-in-law, but who will give sargi to Meera. Gopi says she will send sargi to both her daughters and asks Molu to go and give sargi to his sisters.

Vidya tells

Meera that her friend keeps karvachauth fast every year. Meera says she will give her sargi. Vidya asks what aout her. Molu enters holding sargi and says Gopi sent sargi for them. Vidya says Meera now they both can keep fast. Molu leaves. Meera says she will go and check Dharam and goes up. Naiya fumes seeing her going.

Meera goes to Dharam’s room and sees him sleeping and still having high fever. She kisses his cheek and sleeps on his hand. In the morning, Dharam wakes up and looks himself into mirror and sees lipstick mark on his cheek. Meera brings him breakfast and asks him to have breakfast and medicine. He shows lipstick mark and says if she speaks to him smilingly, that is his medicine. She nervously says while applying cold cloth on his forehead, she must have kissed him. He asks her to wipe it. She nervously wipes it. Vidya comes and asks how is he now. He says fit and fine and will restart Naiya’s marriage arrangements.

At Modi bhavan, Jaggi watches TV serial and imagines Gopi smiling. Urmila passes by and says he is looking TV but must be thinking something else. She says she got matri and tea, if he will have it. He says no, he is not in a mood. She says she will get his favoratte paranthas and lassi. He says he is not in a mood again. She brings food and munches. He says he is fasting. She asks for Gopi? He nods yes. She says it is not a good sign.

Urvashi waits for courier and hopes should get it. Gopi comes and asks if she needs something. Urvashi says no. Courier boy comes with parcel. Urvashi stops her and takes courier herself and leaves. Gopi thinks why she is acting weird. Urvashi looks at girl’s pics and thinks of getting Jaggi married soon.

Precap: Jaggi stares at Gopi while she sits in living room and scribbles something. She asks what is he looking at. He says no..no. Urmila brings girl’s photos and asks Jaggi to select one so that they can finish his quick engagement and marriage.

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