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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Kokila takes Gopi to her room and asks to have her medicine. Koila says she has to be independent and does not have to take anyone’s help. Gopi asks what she means. Kokila takes sindhoor from her hands and says just because a man applies sindhoor on woman’s forehead, they don’t become husband and wife, she has to stop taking Jaggi’s help. Gopi thinks there is nothing between her and Jaggi, why Kokila is thinking wrong.

Urvashi tells Jaggi that they are here because of Parag and he should not mingle with other family members. He says he has not forgiven Parag yet and acted other day to feed medicines to Gopi. She says then there is no question of us staying here. Jaggi says while acting as Gopi’s husband, he is really loving her. He is deeply loving Gopi and wants to marry her. Urvashi listens to him in a shock.

Prakash enters Dharam’s house silently via window and walks towards Naiya’s room. He sees Meera and Vidya coming and hides. Meera comes from behind and twists his ear and says as her mother-in-law, she has right to twist his ear and says why did he come when Dharam warned him not to meet Naiya before marriage. Naiya comes and acts as shocked seeing him. Meera asks them to go and meet before Dharam comes.

Urmila asks Kokila why she is so tensed, she can read her face after staying with her for so many years. Kokila says she is worried about Gopi’s future, earlier she got Gopi married to Krishna thinking she will be happy, but her thinking went wrong and Gopi had to sufffer, now she will not do the same mistake with Jaggi. The truth is Jaggi is Parag’s son and not Gopi’s husband.

Jaggi comes to Gopi’s room and asks if she is fine. Gopi says she is. He asks her to get well soon. Urvashi comes and stands near door. Gopi asks her to come in and asks if she needs anything. Urvashi says she came to ask instead if she needs anytihn and ties durdwara thread on her wrist and says this will protect her. She sees Jaggi’s love for Gopi and thinks just like her Jaggi will also not get his love, so she will have to stop Jaggi.

Pari with Mona brings saris for family ladies and says she wants to celebrate karvachauth this time. Sona says she knows about Vat savitri pooja and not karvachauth. Pari says Uvashi maasi will explain rituals to them and this time they will see who will keep fast for their usband’s long life.

Precap: Jaggi switches on vacuum cleaner and Gopi’s dupatta gets sucked into vacuum pipe. Jaggi tries to pull it and they both fall on bed.

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