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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Nurse brings walker to Gopi’s room and says Gopi needs some tests before discharge. Jaggi says sure, lifts Gopi and makes her sit on wheelchair. Nurse takes Gopi. Jaggi watches them going.

Gopi tells Vidya that they should start marriage arrangements. Vidya says yes only 2 days are left. Priyal comes and says bade papa gave her so many chocs. Meera asks to share with everyone. Priyal says okay and leaves. Shavan tells Gopi will be discharged today and asks where is papa, he needs to talk to him. Vidya says papa is in his room. Naiya comes and says her clothes are tight again and she needs alteration. Meera says they will get it alterted. Vidya thinks Meera is taking are of Naiya so much, but Naiya wants to break papaji and Meera’s relationship. Shravan goes to Dharam’s room and sees him having high fever. He calls Vidya and Meera. Vidya enters and Shravan says papaji is having high fever. Vidya calls family doc who says he is out of town and sends another doc’s name.

Gopi is brought home by Jaggi on a wheelchair. Urmila performs aarti and says today Gopi’s actual graha pravesh happened. Kokila asks what she means. Jaggi shows divorce papers and tells how he kept a condition in front of Krishna to sign on divorce papers if he needs Mansi out. Kokila says it is a good news. Urmila says she told today is Gopi’s actual graha pravesh. Jaggi says Gopi became Gopi Modi from Gopi Raheja.

Vidya comes down with doctor. Meera comes with Naiya from outside. Vidya introduces Dr. Rithika to Meera and says papaji is having high fever. Meera goes to check Dharam. Naiya hides seeing Rithika and thinks she is the one who helped her in making fake report that Meera cannot conceive again. Vidya calls Naiya and introduces her to Dr. Rithika. Naiya says Rithika is her childhood friend. Vidya says she had gone to her sasural after child marriage, how does she know Rithika. Naiya says she is her sasural friend. Vidya invites Dr. Rithika to Naiya’s marriage. Rithika says she will come for sure and leaves. Naiya relaxes that she is safe and nobody can catch her lie.

Whole Modi family sits and relaxes that they got rid of Krishna and his family. Jaggi says it is Gopi’s soup time. Gopi says she had fruit some time ago. Jaggi says it is nurse’s meal plan and she cannot complain. He walks towards kitchen. Urvashi comes. Jaggi says she has settled like him in this house. She says wherever her son is, she will stay there, she cannot stay without him. Jaggi smiles and Kokila notices standing aside.

Meera applies cold cloth on Dharam’s forehead and gives him medicine. He coughs. She gets worried. He holds her hand and says he needs to talk. She says he should rest, they can talk tomorrow.

Pari and Mona enter Urvashi’s room and give her sweets. Urvashi asks what is the occasinon. Mona says because of Jaggi, Gopi came back home safe. Pari says it is time for celebration. Mona says Jaggi got his position in this house, what about Urvashi. Pari acts as scolding Mona. Urvashi asks Mona what she wants to say. Mona says there can be two sons in a house but not two wives, Kokila has taken Parag’s wife’s place, waht abot Urvashi. Urvashi has to take Kokila’s permission for everything. Urvasi starts thinking. Mona tells Pari they have hit a bull’s eye.

Vidya while cooking reminisces Rithika and Naiya’s conversation and oil starts fumes inn kadai. Meera comes and asks what happened to her. Vidya asks how is papaji now. Meera sys he is still having fever. Vidya says don’t worry, papaji will be fine soon.

Urvashi comes to Kokila’s room. Kokila asks if she needs anything. Urvashi says she needs her permission to fix a photo. Kokila asks she does not need her permission. Urvashi says Kokila is head of this house and whole house obeys her, but what about her, what will Modi family call her. Kokila asks what she means. Urvashi says she needs her right in this house.

Urmila asks Sahir to help Gopi sit on wheelchair. He does. Urmila asks Gopi why is she looking tensed. Gopi says she is worried about Kokila. Urmila asks her to stop thinking and finish food before Jaggi comes and scolds her. Gopi thinks both Kokila and Urvashi cannot stay in same house and problems will creep up soon.

Urvashi tells Kokila that either one of them have to leave this house. Kokila says Gopi is fine now, so she will fulfill her promise and leave this house forever. From today and righ now, only Urvashi will have right on this house and Parag. Urashi gets happy.

Precap: Parag sees Kokila with her suitcase and asks what is she all this. Kokila says she is leaving this house. Gopi stops Kokila and says she cannot go.

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