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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Gopi suggests Jaggi to hug papaji/Parag once as he is also deeply emotionally hurt as he is. Jaggi angrily says one minute, he has to do an important work first. He touches Parag’s feet. Parag emotionally hugs him. Whole family smiles.


Pari prepares food. Monica asks why is she preparing food when there is hospital canteen food. Sona enters with Tolu and praises her and says whole family will be happy seeing home food, especially Jaggi ji. She says there is a good news, Gopi’s reports are normal and she will be discharged tomorrow. Pari packs food and Sona and Tolu leave for hospital with food. Moa says tomorrow badi maa/Gopi will be discharged and again emotional drama will start. Pari says whatever drama starts, she will continue her plan.


sees a sorry card and diamond ring on her dressing table. She fumes. Vidya enters. Meera yells. Vidya and says she should give a chance to papaji and should speak to him once. Meera says no means no. Urmila calls Vidya and tells there is a good news, Gopi is well now and will get discharge tomorrow. Both Vidya and Meera pray god to get Gopi well competely so that she can live happily with her family. Priyal comes and prays with t hem.

Jaggi feeds Gopi. Gopi says it is enough. Jaggi force feeds her and gives her medicines. Srial’s title track plays in the background….saath nibhana sathiyaaa… She falls asleep and he continues staring at her face and even he falls asleep. Krishna and Premila enter looking at sleeping Gopi angrily. Jaggi wakes up and warns them if they even touch Gopi, he will break their hands. Gopi wakes up. Premila holds Gopi’s leg and says they came to beg for forgiveness from Gopi.

Sona with Kokila reaches home and asks if she should bring milk for her. Kokila says no. Parag comes and says he needs to talk to her. Kokila says there is nothing left between them now. Urvashi watches them from a distance.

Mansi and Krishna plead Gopi to take back her complaint against Mansi, they will take Mansi far away from here. Jaggi says makeup ki dukan/Mansi did a big mistake and why should Gopi forgive her, even they troubled Gopi a lot, they should get out. Premila cries again. Krishna says let us go, they will not help us. Jaggi says if they want their answer or not.

Kokila prays god that whenever her family was in trouble, god protected them and she is thankful to him for saving Gopi’s life this time. She turns and sees Urvashi and tries to ignore her. Urvashi asks if she hates her so much that she does not want to see her face. Kokila says she is misunderstanding her and apologizes her, says she is her sinner and is unable to face her.

Jaggi says if Krishana divorces Gopi, Gopi will take back her case. His fake marriage should end forever, if yes then they will take back case. Krishna says he can do anything for Mansi, he will divorce Gopi. Jaggi says go and bring divorce papers, only then Gopi will take back case. Gopi smiles looking at Jaggi.

Kokila tells Ahem’s papa Parag loved only Urvashi and not her. After marrying Parag, she became mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, etc., but could not become wife, Urvashi is still in Parag’s heart. There is a void between her and Ahem’s papa, now she is standing in a ame place where she was years ago. Urvashi asks not to blame herself, they all 3 were bitten by fate.

Jaggi force feeds applies to Gopi and Gopi says enough. He says she will get energy with these apples. Gopi thanks him for saving her family and Modi bhavan, he saved her life risking his life. Jaggi says she saved his life instead. Gopi says truth is even if she had died saving him…He shuts her mouth and asks not to talk like this. Nurse comes with stretcher and says before discharge, they need to perform Gopi’s tests. Jaggi says sure and lifts Gopi.

Precap: Kokila asks Urvashi what she wants to say. Urvashi says she needs her complete right in this house. Kokila says she will leave this house today itself

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