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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Jaggi walking on one leg outside the temple and asks God to save Gopi. Urmila looks on as he struggles to walk and gets hurt. Gopi is shown in the hospital. Doctor is treating Gopi in the hospital. Meera, Dharam, Vidya, Urvashi, Kokila and others are standing outside. Jaggi continues to walk and climbs the temple stairs. Urmila says Kanhaiyya lal ki jai along with others. Doctor tries to make Gopi gains consciousness. Vidya cries and hopes Gopi gets well. Jaggi manages to come inside the temple and rings the bell. He asks God to save Gopi. Pandit ji tells that God will fulfill your wish surely, and asks him to do the aarti. Doctor try to revive Gopi. Jaggi does the aarti while bhajan is played in the back ground. Urmila also prays for her.


Doctor gives her

cardiac defibrillator shocks to revive her breath. Jaggi tells God if anything happens to her then how could I live. Gopi starts breathing. Doctor says it is a miracle. He comes out and tells that Gopi has started responding, but…..if she don’t get consciousness in sometime then we can’t say anything. Jaggi holds the diya and does aarti. Pandit ji praises Jaggi and tells Urmila that his bhakti’s shakti will be shown. Urmila prays to God for Gopi’s safety.

Shravan tells Vidya that he will go home as Priyal is not sleeping. Dharam asks them to go. Kokila says the same. Dharam asks Kokila to sit and says I will bring something for you to eat. Kokila refuses. Dharam says I will bring and goes. Kokila goes to check Gopi. Veeru tells Urmila that Jaggi’s hand is bleeding. Everyone stands outside ICU. Kokila does Jaap.

Nurse comes out and asks Doctor to come, says Patient is gaining consciousness. Jaggi falls down. Urmila shouts Jaggi and asks someone to give water. She then makes him drink water. Everyone is waiting to see Gopi. Kokila thanks God for her safety. Doctor asks them to go out and says there is no danger now. Sona calls Urmila and informs her that Gopi is out of danger now. Urmila gets happy and tells jaggi. Veeru hugs Jaggi. Dharam makes Meera have water as she coughs. Meera thinks she did wrong with him. Jaggi thanks God. Pandit ji says your prayers are strong and she is very lucky to get a life partner like you. He asks her to keep flower on his wife forehead.

Jaggi looks at the flower. He recalls Gopi’s concern for him and also recalls Gopi saving him from getting shot by Mansi, and then he recalls filling her maang with sindoor. Urmila asks Jaggi to come fast and says I will not be at peace until I see Gopi. Mona tells Pari that nothing can happen to Gopi and they have just wasted time here. Pari asks Mona to have coffee and then they will have entertainment dose. Doctor asks them to stand out and says Gopi needs rest. Everyone leave. Urmila and Jaggi come to hospital. Urvashi asks what happened to you. Kokila asks someone to bandage his wounds. Jaggi says not needed, and goes to Gopi’s ward. He steps inside the ward while the music of Saath Nibhana Saathiya plays in the background. He looks at her and sits at her side.

Jaggi puts flowers on her eyes and then keep it in her hand. Kokila enters there. Jaggi promises Gopi that he will never let anything happen to her.

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