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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Jaggi and whole Modi family waits outside operation theater while Gopi is being operated inside. Dharam and family rush towards hospital in a car. Meera cries that she hates Mansi, she used to consdider mother, if something happens to Gopi, she will not forgive Mansi. At hospital, Parag holds his shoulders and tries to console him. Jaggi angrily moves aside. Docor removes bullet from Gopi’s body.

Mansi reaches home. Premila and Krishna ask where was she. Inspector enters and says Mansi shot Gopi, so they came to arrest her. If Gopi dies, Mansi will be hanged. He asks constables to arrest her. Krishna says he cannot do that. Constable handcuffs Mansi. Mansi pleaads to leave her, she has to kill Jaggi. Krishna consoles Premila that he will get Mansi out on


Doctor informs Modi family that he remoed bullet from Gopi’s body, but her condition is critical due to heavy blood loss. Nurse says Gopi is sinking. Doctor rushes and says he doubts she may survive, only a mircale can save her. Jaggi stands shocked. He goes to hospital temple and prays god that he cannot take Gopi away from her, Gopi tried to save her and cannot die. If God has to punish, he should punish him and not Gopi. Urmila listens to his prapers and sends Jai to console him. Jai asks him not to cry, as he told, badi maa is superwoman and will be fine soon.

Dharam’s family reaches hospital. Kokila’s Gopi’s condition is very critical. Vidya says their mother is a fighter and will survive even now. Kokila says yes, nothing should happen to Gopi. Nurse comes out and asks wardboy to et oxygen cylinder. Doc comes out and says Gopi is not responding, he is worried she may go into coma.

Jaggi asks Jai to go from there. Jai says he will not leave him alone. Sona comes and cries that if Gopi does not wake up, she will go into coma. Jaggi loudly says god cannot do this. Jai says if they walk on 1 foot till temple and pray god while doing vatsavitri vrat, badi maa will survive. Urmila asks if this is true. Urmila says yes, 10 years ago, when Gopi met with an accident, Ahem did vatsavitri vrat and walked on 1 foot, Gopi got well.

At Dharam’s house, Prakash asks Naiya if Priyal slept. Naiya says yes at last, if she had not slept, she would have strangulated her neck. Prakash asks her to calm down, already Meera and Vidya are tensed. Naiya says their plan failed because of Vidya and tells him about Vidya and Ritesh’s plan. He says forget it, they will plan something else. She says they should plan big like she planned to abort Meera’s child years ago. He says yes…

Kokila prays god to save Gopi at any cost. Parag comes and keeps his hand on her shoulder. She moves aside. Parag says after Ahem, god is trying to snatch their gopi, he knows she is in distress and wants to talk to her, nothing will happen to their Gopi. Kokila turns and sees Urvashi standing. She walks away. Parag says Urvashi that he cannot see Kokila like this. She consoles him to control himself. Pari watches them from a distance and smirks.

Jaggi walks to temple on one feet. People discuss he must be going to kanhaji’s darbar to fulfull his wish. A stone pierces his leg and he starts bleeding. Urmila encourages him not to lose hope and to continue walking. He falls down. She encourages him to get up and walk, temple is near

Precap: Jaggi does pooja in temple. Gop is given defibrillator shocks by doc to revive her pulse.

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