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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 86)

His point of view-
When i entered the house Pie and the kids were already asleep on the sofa..
Both the babies had hugged her tight from both sides..
My thoughts drifted to my kids..
I would be the lieneant parent while Pie will be the strict one..
I would spoil them and Pie will make them good people.
Our little world..
I want a little princess just like my baby whom i will spoil to my life desires..
“Ahem…agar apka dekhna ho gaya ho.so ..u know lets wake up si and i can carry the kids..”.
“No..let her sleep..i will take her up..lets take the kids first..” i said motioning her to take princess while i take the baby boy.
The princess came to her quietly while the baby boy wouldn’t leave Pie..He had clapsed her too tight .
I tried a little force and that woke him up..he started crying..
I rubbed his back to calm him down but that only made him wail louder..
Pie woke up instantly rubbing her eyes and took him from me …giving me a look..
What did i do..?
She hugged him and he snuggled in her neck and relaxed..
“Aww my baby..come we will sleep..” she cooed to him and carried him upstairs..
I looked at the mother and she smiled..
“They just love si so much…back home they wouldn’t leave her when she was home..”
I showed her to the guest bedroom and she freshed up till then i held the little doll in my arms..
She was so cute..
I want my princess soon..
“Thank you Zizu..” the mother said when i handed her the kids
“Come on dear..they are so adorable .” I complimented before walking out to my room.
Pie was already asleep on the side and the baby boy hugging her from the front..
I quickly changed and got into bed with her..scooping her from behind..
She melted into my arms as usual and pulled the baby boy with her..
It looked like a little happy family..
Me my baby and our son.

Around midnight
Ring Ring Ring
“Yes j..” i questioned John
“Bhai ..i screwed up..” he cried from the other end..
“Ek min..” i said covering my phone with my hand
“Baby i will just be back..” i whispered into Pie’s ear and she groaned.
I walked over to the living room.
“Yes bhai..” i resumed our conversation.
“I screwed up bhai..i screwed up .” He cried on the other hand..
“Hey ..shh main hoon na..i will make everything alright..bhai par bharosa rakh..”
“Are you sure wo maan jayegi na…?” He questioned hopefully..
“Pyar karta hai..?”
“Ha bhai bahut..”
“Toh bharosa rakh..”
He hummed in response..
“Chal abh so ja raat ho gayi hai..”
We exchanged good nights and then hung up.
When i turned to leave i saw Pie’s sister behind me..
“Tum soye nahi..?”
“Wo main soch rahi thi..”
“Kya..?” I questioned hopefully..
“I think i will give him a chance..” she replied smiling.
“Yes..” i screamt and fisted my hand in the air..
She giggled in response..
“Shh tumhare aur mere bache jaag jayenge..” she said winking..
I groaned..
She burst out laughing.
“Aap jo so jao..”
“Yes good night…tum bhi so jao..”
“Zizu” she called out to me..
“Thank you…”


#Second chances#.
Everybody deserves second chances..
Everybody deserves love..attention..care..from somebody..
What if it dosen’t work out the first time…it will happen when it is meant to be..
Keep faith..
Stay hopeful..
Hope is the basis for life..

Happy Diwali to you and your family.
Please conserve the enviroment and celebrate a eco friendly Diwali.


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