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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 82)

Her point of view –
“What..? ” He questioned..
Oh shit ..! Things are not going in the correct direction..
Please don’t say anything Bhabhi..please..
“Its nothing bhai..its all sorted now..” she pleaded
“How long..?” He questioned through gritted theeth..
His body radiating anger.
“Almost a day..” she said guiltily..
He threw his ice cream and stormed out of the coffee house..
The couple turned to me hopefully..

Bhabhi was teary eyed …its obvious she knew she had unleashed the beast..
But Ted looked confused..”what just happened..?” He questioned looking between me and bhabhi..
“Bhabhi batana zaruri tha kya..?”
“But maine Dadabhai se kuch nai hide kia aaj tak..please bhabhi..do something..” she pleaded..
“Alright i will go talk to him..but you guys get home its late..” i explained and rushed down to the parking..
I had to think of something and that too soon..
I jumped into the car just before he drove off..
I switched on the radio loud and began singing with it..
“Switch off the damn radio..” he screamt
“Look Pie i am already in a bad mood ..don’t make it worse..”
“When you don’t care about people then why should i..?” I snapped.
“What do you mean..?”
We pulled up in the garage of our building and rode the elevator in silence..
Dex entered the house behind me amd banged the door hard..
He pulled me by my hand and pinned me to the door..
“What did you mean by nothing in the car..?” He growled..
“As if you care..?”
He tightened his grip and i winced ..


“I don’t care huh..?”
“No..” i snapped back..
I pushed him away and headed upstairs to the room pulling out my phone..
I put it to my ear when he snatched it from me..
“Who are you calling in this late..?” He asked possesively..
“I am calling Ted to tell him about our fight..” i declared
“And why would you do so..why does he need to know. .?”
“Because 10 minutes ago you got angry as Bhabhi dint share her figbt with you..so i am taking precautions ” i said shrugging..
He sat down on the bed with his head in his hands..sighing..
“So are you gonna call her to apologise or not..?”

“No .” He replied.
“Okay ..sleep on the couch in the hall then..”. I declared pushing him out of the door..
“Don’t do this..”
You don’t do this “i yelled..
“Okay..i give up ” he said raising his hands in surrender..
His point of view –
Ring Ring Ring.
“Hey bhai…i am sorry wo..” she started when i cut her off..
” I am sorry Birdie..”
“Hello..hello..is this bhai..?”
“Yes birdie i said i am sorry..”
“Oh my gosh…i can’t believe this..” she squealed..
“Yup me too..” i said smiling…
“Good night bhai..”
“Good night princess.”

Now i just got to mend things with my baby ..
I don’t know why she is so angry.
“Babu..” i called out to her when i entered the room..
She was lying on her stomach with her face the other side..
I slid into bed behind her and scooped her in my arms from behind..
“Kya hua shona…? Kyun gussa karre ho..?”

“I don’t like you..”
“Kyun..?” I questioned pouting..
“You din’t let me eat my ice cream.”
“Aww baby … but you could have finished the ice cream and then come ..i wasn’t going to go without you..”
“But you were angry”

“Toh kya hua..?”
“You do weird things when you are angry..besides you look hot too.”
“So you like angry Dex..because he looks hot..?” I questioned teasingly..
“Yes..i like it more than nuttella ice cream …so i came to angry Dex..” she said now turning back to me.
“I thought you love me..” i said in a low voice..
“Ofcours i love you my Dexy..”
“Hey..dexy sounds too girly..” i said hovering over her..
“Yea you are a teenage girl …all moody and cute .” She said trying to move out of my grip..

“Let me show you how much of a man i am baby girl..” i said and started tickling her..

Later that night when my baby slept in my arms i received a call from an unknown number..
“Too happy are we..?” The voice said..
“Who are you..?” I yelled
“The same person you are trying to find and failing..” he answered laughing.
“I am coming after you..”
“I am waiting..” he said before cutting the call.

P.S Dear readers…in the time Ruhaniyaat when will be absent from the scene i have a task for you….
I am going to hold a press confrence of the characters of ruhaniyaat.(obvious fictional) so write in your queries..
This confrence will be published after the epilogue.or maybe before 100 i am not sure..
Thank you..
Stay safe


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