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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 80)

Her best friend’s point of view –
Its been a complete one day and Angel won’t talk to me..
So i decided the filmy way out ofcourse i learnt it from our very own Love Guru..jhonny..
He is like a curse to the entire male population …he does things that are like beyond men control.
He is freaking super god..
Yeah so here i am under her balcony..
No i am not climbing up..she will throw me down from the same balcony..i know her..baby lion ..just like her brothers..
I am planning on apoligising publicly.
“Angell..” i yell and like all bollywood movies i throw a stone too..
“Kya hai..?” She comes out screaming.
I have thing you know i get transported to my dreamworld when she wears white.
“Excuse me lover boy we are trying to sleep in here..” yelled her neighbour.
Sorry auntie…but my love out here is angry ..please ask her to talk to me..”
“Beta please talk to him so that we can sleep well..”
“Alright i am coming down ..” she said …
“But only because i don’t want you to disturb my neighbours ” she snapped before finally ariving from the front door..
“Would you like to go coffee house..?” I asked ..i hope she accepts
“Okay..” she said and shrugged..
Good going bro..! You are making progress…screamt my conscience..
Shut up will you…you created this mess..i yelled back..
We started to walk down her street to the coffee house..
I tried to hold her hand but she just wouldn’t let me…dejected i stuffed my hands in my pocket..
We reached the counter and she ordered a hot chocolate with marshmallows while i ordered a kit kat shake..
We headed upstairs and sat ourselves down on the bean bags.
“Baby i am really sorry..its just that..”
I saw her expression soften and she shifted closer..
“Hey..its alright..couples do fight..”
I guess chocolate worked its magic..
Maybe its my irresistble charm.
Whatever ..the point is that she is not angry anymore..
She then rested her head on my shoulder..
“I am scared of commitments…i want to take things slow ” i confessed.
She held my face and looked into my eyes..
“You want to take it slow then be it..staying with you matters and not the relation..” she said before kissing me..
I pulled her onto my lap and she setteled herself properly..
Her hands round her cup while her back pressed to mine..
My hand around her while the other held my shake..
That night we spoke about eveything on this earth from sense to nonsense and to back to sense..
I realised two things..
1. I am in love with this girl.
2. I am not letting her go ever..

His point of view –
Pie had convinced me to meet mom ..yep she already started to call her mom..
I wonder if i can ever do that.
Currently we were heading out to meet them for dinner..
She was exited for the double date as she called ..
I am trying to still get on terms with the truth..i just can’t believe it..
But when i join the dots together i can see the truth..
Their fights..
Her lack of intrest towards me..
Dad being happy with his mistress..
“I am ready ” exclaimed Pie walking out of the room.
She was dressed in a saree that was navy blue in colour ..
She had adorned on herself a beautiful diamond set and she looked breathtaking..
” I have changed my mind..” i said approaching her..
“What do you mean .?” She asked hesitantly.
” Instead of taking you to dinner i am taking you to the bedroom.” I said kissing her jaw..
Trying my best to avoid those s*xy lips which are calling out to me..
I don’t want to ruin her make up.
“Shut up and lets go ..we are getting late ..” she said walking ahead..
“Waise…maybe we can continue this when we get home if you be a good boy and not misbehave..” she said turning to me and winking.
She did not just do that..
Oh my god i love my naughty little girl.


P.S Hey guys won’t be there on 21-10-2016 to 25-10-2016
If i can manage i will surely come..
Thank u

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