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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 78)

Her point of view –
When i reached Ted’s house he was crying..
I instantly hugged him..
“Hey hey hey tedu whats wrong..?” I asked rubbing his back.
“Angel…angry..gone..” he sobbed..
“Sweetheart if you don’t tell me everything properly then how will i help you..?”
“Hm..” he sniffed.
“Alright..see you at our old spot..you arrange the pillows…i will get the drink..” i say and he smiles..
Ofcourse our place is only that special..
I go to his kitchen to prepare glasses of buttermilk and then make my way up to his room..
By the time i reach he has made up our fort..just like we used to do when we were kids..
I have this fascination with big windows so one wall of our fort is the big window..other two sides is made of blankets..
I jump in and hand over his glass to him while i set my down on the ground..
“Hey tere wale mai zyada kyun hai..?”
“Main badi hun na..”
“Kuch mahine bade hone se kuch nai hota..smart to main zyada hun..”
“Tuze smart ki spelling bhi ati hain..?”
“Jaa bath nai karni mujhe..”
“Sachi nai karega..?” I question when he turns the other side
“Haan 5 min kay liye katti..” he says and then we both burst out laughing..

Her best friend’s point of view –
My doll arrived and sadness went out of the door .
I guess having best friends is really necessary to keep your sanity in check..
Best friends are really gift from god..
She arrived with glasses of buttermilk and rest of the tension also went away..
After our usual fight about quantity of buttermilk we finally settled down to talk about Angel..
After i told her everything she hit me hard ..
“Shit…ouch what was that for..?” I enquired rubbing my arm to and fro..
“That was for making my bhabhi cry..muze doubt tha kay tu idiot hai but tune pakka kar dia..”


Her point of view –
“Tu meri doll hai ya uski..?” He questions crossing his arms across his chest and trying to pull out a pout..
Awwie such cutie ..
I instantly pulled his cheeks..
“Chod na dard hota hai..”
“Drama queen..” i mumble but he seems to have heard me.
“Tu hain drama queen..acha mara kyun..?”
“You made her cry…she duch a sweetheart…and you..gadha .. kal subh jaa kar you are going to sort things out..”
“Okay madam..tu apne mocambo ko mat btana nai to wo muze kha jaega..”
“For heaven’s sake stop calling him mocambo and he is a mess himself right now..so he won’t do anything..”
“Kya hua usse.?” He asked with a concerned look on his face..
I can’t still believe that they both have become good friends.
“Its about his parents..” i tell him and he nods in understanding..
Ofcourse he knows everything ..after all he is my best friend…my teddy.
“I know you can take care of it..” he says and i smile..
“Chal i will see you soon..” i say and get up to head out..
“Doll..wait up i will drop you…how did you come..?”
“I drove .”
“When did you learn to drive..?” He asks me confused..
“Remember i stayed on my own for a few months Mr.Ghajini..”
“Yea about that if you ever pull that stunt out again..and i mean it doll .you will see the worst side of me..”
“I am sorry ..i just thought…i was the reason he did what he did and ..” he cuts me off saying.
“You are the most precious thing to me doll…tere liye sari girlfriends kurbaan..
Itne saalon ki dosti mai koi bich mai kaise aa sakta hai…silly girl..” he says hugging me..
“I love you tedu.”
“I love you too my doll.” He says kissing my head..

When i reached home..i switched on the lights in the hall to remove my shoes..
I turned to head upstairs when i fould Dex on the bottom stair..
He was sprawled over on the staircase…his feet on the ground while his body on the one above..
I settled beside him and tried to wake him up..
“Come on baby…let’s get you to bed..”i said shaking him..
He grumbled but then eventually opened his eyes .
I held my hand to him … he took it .soon i was dragging him up..
God he is heavy .
No wonder he can lift me up like i weigh nothing..
“I was waiting for you to come home..” he says sleepily.
Oh my gosh …his sleepy voice sounds so hot..
Note to self ..stay up late to hear his sleepy voice..
“Come here baby..” he said extending his arms…
I changed my clothes and hopped into his arms.
This place is heaven…

“I missed you so damn much love..” he breathed on my neck and dug his face showering kisses
“I missed you too babu.”
“Don’t be sad like me …i am okay being sad …but can’t stand you being sad…i am bring you down with me…i am so sorry sweetheart..”
“Shh…baby..i will make everything alright…just relax and sleep…” i said running my hand through his hair.
He seems to have relaxed by my gesture so i sat up straighter and he instantly hugged my waist..lying his head on my lap..
Soon we both dozed off..to a happy place where he wasn’t sad and i wasn’t worried for him being sad..

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