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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 77)

Her point of view –
Around midnight i carried his blanket and pillow to the study and as expected he was lying on his couch with his eyes closed..
Propably sleeping..
He did that when he was upset he just wouldn’t come to the room …
His logic was that seeing him upset even my mood will also get spoiled..
Ohh how i love this man..
He had a frown on his face…i gently caressed his hair till it disappeared..
I carefully placed the pillow under his head and covered him with blanket..
He sighed before turning and wrapping the blanket around himself.
Her best friend’s point of view –
“We were busy cuddling up at my place when she mentioned that we should take our relationship forward…
Its not like i dont want to..but i am scared..
I just don’t have a happy relationship to idolize from…
You can say i am a commitment freak..like freak in capital letters..
“Baby what do you think of marriage..?” She questioned..
“Comeon baby don’t be shy …you can tell me” she teased
“Isn’t it a bit too early..?”
“What early …?”
“Its just like we have known each other only for like a year or so…”
“So what …Bhabhi and Dadabhai knew each other only for a week before they got engaged..”
She was getting on my nerves now..
Why can’t she understand that i am trying to avoid the damn topic…
I don’t know if it will work or not …
I just don’t wanna get hurt..
“Can you just shut up now ..?” I roared..
I could see tears forming in the back of her eyes…
Shit shit shit..
I shouldn’t have screamt at her …

She got up from the bed to get dressed in her clothes ..
I got up after her too..
“Shit I am sorry angel..” i whispered pulling her close..
She din’t hug back..her arms just stayed by her side..
Shit i messed up bad..
When we parted i could see tears coming out of those beautiful eyes..
Eyes that were happy minutes ago…
Were filled with sadness and tears..
All because of me
Shit i din’t mean to make her cry..
“I am going home…” she declared..
“Please angel ..i am sorry..”
“Not your fault maybe my expectations were a bit too much..” she said smiling…but i know its a fake one because i can hear sadness in her voice..
I messed up big time..
She grabbed her bag and walked downstairs and then out of the house…
I plopped myself on the bed..
Dude..you messed up..
Who can help me this time of the night..?
Ofcourse my doll..


But she will be with Jhonny right now..and knowing him i know he will kill me for hurting his birdie and disturbing his precious pie
He has given me warning so many times..
Maybe i can text her and see.
(From ted to Doll)
Hi..u up..?
(From Doll to Ted)
Yup tell me..
(From Ted to Doll..)
Is your mocambo with you..?
(From Doll to Ted )
Stop calling him mocambo ..he is my fiance for god’s sake..
(From Ted to Doll..)
Dosen’t change a thing ..he is still mocambo..anyways ..i messed upp big time.
(From Doll to Ted )
What did you do..? Is it about Angel.?
(From Ted to Doll..)
Yup i screamnt on her and then things turned ugly..
(From Doll to Ted )
Are you okay..? Want me to come over..?
(From Ted to Doll..)
Please do so..
(From Doll to Ted )
On my way Tedu..will be there soon..
After i had spoken to Doll..i felt much better…i guess thats what is called Best friend’s
They help you keep sane in the most insane situations..
I just hope the damage is not that bad..
And doll can give me a good solution..
Oh…god yeh maine kya kar dia..!

Disclaimer This segment is called shagun segment because its her birthday today..
Happy Birthday Darling..!

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