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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 76)

Her point if view –
Few days later..
Ring Ring Ring
Papa was calling me to check on Dex..he usually did that once in a while..
Their relationship had gone better once the divorce proceeding had started but he was still angry for the past…
I dont understand what is he angry about..?
I hope everything gets alright soon.
“Namaste papaji..”
“Namaste beta..tum kaise ho..?”
“Main theek hun …aur Dex bhi theek hai..” i add …i know he is not going to ask me directly…
He still feels guilty when even though i tried explaining it to him many times that he is not at fault..
I hear him sigh on the other end….
“Humra divorce ki final hearing next month hai ” he informs..
“Ji papa.”
He pauses for a while before speaking .
“Main chahta hun kay tum usko sab kuch bata do..”
“But papa main kaise..”
“Tum hi usko bata sakti aur sambhal sakti ho…i trust you beta..”
“But papa…he is your son..”
“But he dosen’t think so” and to some extent i know he is right..
He won’t talk to him unless its necessary.
I know Dex is gonna freak out…
i don’t know how am i going to tell him the truth..
“Okay papa…i shall try..” i say and hang up..

His point of view –
She was talking to papa when i entered the room…
I wonder whats the matter..
I have never seen her like actually talk to papa before..
I wrap my arms around her waist and she leans onto my touch..
“Hey..how was your day..?” She asks..
“Pretty boring without you..”
She turns around in my arms and thats when i see worry in her eyes..
My sweetheart’s eyes are so damn easy to read..
“Is something bothering you sweetheart..?” I question while placing a stray strand behind her ear..
“Uhh…wo ..” she stutters..
My love never stutters in front of me..now i am sure something is definitely up..
Did papa say something..?
“You can tell me anything you know that right..?”
“Yea.” She sighs..
Her point of view –
I guess this is the time when i will have to tell him everything..
I take a deep breath to calm myself before i speak..
“Hmm” he says kissing my jaw..
Can he not do that its distracting..
“There something i need to tell you baby..”
“Yes love..” when i know i have his full attention i continue..
“Its about papa and ma..” i say and then his body stiffens..
I dont want to upset him.
I want to take it real slow …because telling him everything is important..
He need to know..
“Come here” i say making him sit on the edge of the bed..
“What is it shona..? you are making me worried now..”he says with a frown..
I wipe away the frown before continuing.
“I want you to know the truth Dex..”
“What truth..?”
“The truth about papa and Ma ‘ s relations..”.
“Oh i know it all..they are getting divorced..there is no truth there ..” he says and gets up..
“No baby listen to me please..” i plead..
He looks at me questioningly..
“Papa has been cheated ..” i state..
When he dosen’t speak then i take it as a cue to continue..
“Papa always loved his mistress..they were going to marry each other…their families were involved..but then maaa interupted..she wanted money and status…so she forcefully married papa ..
He still loves her..”
All this while i see his expression changing from normal to shock to anger to surprise…back to rage and then normal..
He dosen’t say and word and heads out..
“Pie get the dinner ready i am hungry.. .” he calls out from the bathroom..
Why does he do this..?
Bottle up all the emotions inside..
I so wish he opened up to me often .
Sighing i head down to the kitchen to cook dinner..

Dinner was in silence … he din’t speak a word.
After we ate dinner he went to his study and shut himself up..
I am so scared now..?
All these months that we spent on building up our relation .will it go waste..?
Are we going back to old Dex now..?


P.S I have decided to let the story go in flow and not wrap it up urgently..and i am so very thankful to all of you who commented on last segment..
I seriously din’t know Ruhaniyaat was loved so much..
And chanu you scared the shit outta me..
And kakali babes make place me i am coming over ..
And shagun bacha i love u kid..!

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